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A Pop-Up Political Briefing/Discussion with Simon (5/3/23)

We talked the strong Biden launch, "Two Elections in 2022," ongoing MAGA ugliness, Donna Deegan and why as we head into 2024 I would rather be us than them

Really enjoyed getting together with folks last night. My opening remarks lasted about 15 minutes, and then we did about 30 minutes of Q and A and discussion. It was a lively group, and we had lots to talk about!

For those new to Hopium this briefing will be a very good introduction to our core understanding of US politics these days, and well worth the time.

Some of the things we discussed in the briefing:

The New Biden Ad

Memo: Get to 55, Expanding Our Coalition, The Youth Opportunity

Rob Shapiro On The GOP Pushing Us Towards Recession and Default

Getting Louder

My Two Elections in 2022 Memo

My Interview With Donna Deegan (includes links for donating, volunteering)

Remember we have Laura Brill on the youth vote today at 3pm EST, and my May With Democrats Things Get Better presentation on Tuesday at 1pm EST.

Keep working hard all - Simon


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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
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