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My Discussion with Donna Deegan, Our Dynamic Candidate for Jacksonville Mayor

Her Election is May 16th - Hope You Will Consider Supporting Her Today!

Excited to share with you my live discussion with Donna Deegan, the dynamic candidate for Jacksonville Mayor. It was recorded on Monday, April 17th.

With the election just a month away I was really pleased Donna is chose to spend some time with our community. As folks know, I consider this a very important election, one which will test whether we can carry the momentum from our big win in Wisconsin to another critical battleground state.

As you will see in the discussion, Donna Deegan is a remarkably accomplished community leader - former award-winning television anchor, 3-time breast cancer survivor, and philanthropist - who can become an important part of how Democrats can get back on track in Florida.

A new poll has Donna ahead 54%-46% - so this is clearly an election we can win if she has the resources to compete on TV and the volunteers needed to turn Democrats out to vote. Her opponent is a close ally of Ron DeSantis and will have all the resources he needs.

So please consider helping Donna today - with our help, she can win, flip this important seat, and give the Dems a big win in a state that really matters. Here’s how you can learn more and get involved in her election:

Thanks, everyone! Let’s help Donna win this thing! Simon

iPad with candidate Donna Deegan speaking, tomato seedlings, and postcards to voters to re-up mail in ballot.


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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
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