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My July 2023 Political Briefing - I Would Much Rather Be Us Than Them

Come talk Ohio with David Pepper Thursday at 1pm EST

Friends, here’s a recording of my monthly political discussion from Tuesday, July 25th. We had a good crowd and a lively Q & A.

A reminder that we are hosting David Pepper on Thursday at 1pm EST to talk Ohio and his new book, Saving Democracy. RSVP here. Important stuff - hope you will come watch live or catch it when you can.

For those who want to drill down a bit more on what we discussed last night, I offer up the following links:

Grassroots Activism - Things You Can Do

Large Sample, Independent Media Polls In July, Biden-Trump (via 538)

  • Monmouth 47-40

  • Quinnipiac 49-44

  • YouGov/Yahoo 47-43

  • Morning Consult 43-41

  • Ipsos/Reuters 37-35

  • YouGov/Economist 42-42 (Trump had a 4 pt lead here in June)

Averaging these together gives Biden a 3.5 pt lead. A late June high-quality NBC News poll had Biden up 4, and a new AARP poll of battleground House districts has Biden up 4, 47-43. Sure feels like a 3-4 point lead now for Biden - good news all around.

Keep working hard all - Simon

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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg