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With Democrats Things Get Better - August 2023

With Dems is a 30-minute meditation on the good works and success of the modern Democratic Party. Check it out and feel free to share with others!


Above please find the August recording of our signature presentation, With Democrats Things Get Better.

For background on the big arguments in With Dems visit here. I’ve also pulled out some of the most important slides from the deck here. My recent post on the August jobs report also has related analysis and some slides from the deck for your use.

With Dems is newly updated with each showing, so even if you saw it a few months ago it will have new data and fresh insights.

With Dems makes one big argument:

When in power one party - the Democrats - makes things better for America. The other - the Republicans - when in power have repeatedly failed to do their part, and have now descended into something malevolent and dangerous.

The two parties are not the same, not mirror images of one another, and it is critical that we help tell this story in the months ahead.

Much of our Hopium here comes from the insights and understandings in this presentation. I hope you will watch some time in the coming weeks, and share it with others you think will enjoy it. As I argue at the end of With Dems, it is possible the Democratic Party has done more good for more people than any other organized political force in human history. Exaggeration you say? Come watch and tell me if you think I overstate it. I don’t think so.

Keep working hard all, and thanks for all that you do - Simon

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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
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