Thank you Simon,

I am intensely grateful to you and all those working for participatory democracy, inclusion and peace everywhere. I am an Irish Canadian and I live in Canada. I follow your work because I know that whatever happens in the US impacts all of us. I love your careful detailed reflection and deep commitment to a better future for everyone in the US.

My lifelong dream is to see a a massive cultural shift from domination back to partnership. I love the work of Riane Eisler and Douglas Fry and the many other brilliant Americans who champion our global need to make this shift.

I hope moving forward there I will also be a way that you can also review the Nine Planetary Boundaries and Earth for All.



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Nov 11, 2023·edited Nov 11, 2023

Thanks, Simon, for your continued support of the sunshine state.😎

Florida needs help ! We have ~ 500k signatures of the 891k ballot signatures required. Of course our GOP AG is urging our Fl Supreme (conservative) Court to reject amendment !😡

Floridians ➡️✍️




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As always, I appreciate your columns, Simon. You talk about amplifying the message, and that's something I want I want to do more of over the next year (and beyond), and I want to have more of a reach. I realize I am but one person, but while some people use that to rationalize inaction, I think instead about amplifying my effect.

To that end, while I'm a text-first person in that I'd rather read something than watch a video, I realize a lot of my fellow citizens get a lot of their information visually, especially the younger ones we're trying to reach. I seem to remember someone -- maybe it was you, maybe it was someone else -- linking to an article about how to set up Tik Tok videos, and that's something this old guy is seriously considering jumping into.

I cringe at the thought of knocking on a door or interrupting a stranger with a phone call, but if I can grab someone who's making a choice to watch my video, that's wonderful! If they switch it off, I won't notice, and I won't mind. If they learn from it and share it with their friends, hooray!

Trouble is, despite repeated creative searching of my too-full inbox, I haven't been able to find that link. So would you be able to help with that? Thanks.

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As Kathy (below) mentioned, we are more than halfway to collecting the required number of signatures to put the amendment on the Florida ballot. There is, however, an obstacle in the way and that is the FL Attorney General who is encouraging the FL Supreme court to reject the wording because "viability" is ambiguous. In case you are not aware, Charles Canady, one of the Supremes, is married to a FL legislator who wrote the wording for the 6 week abortion ban. A conflict of interest if there was ever one. We may need this community to help expose this and put pressure on them (if possible).

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With Manchin out, Dems can't just play defense in Senate races. What state offers the best chance for a pick up - Floria, Texas, other????

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We should be on offense everywhere.

Republican Senators are the ones responsible for the Dobbs court and they will all be facing voters defending it, backing a failed president (likely a convicted felon by then), supporting Russia (an ally of Iran) and blocking US military promotions.

I mean, that's fine for a MAGA primary, but you want to take that to voters in November?

Go on offense, everywhere.

This is not a strong hand for Republicans.

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Great post with all those Hopium goodies to click on.

Looking forward to hearing more about how to assist in Fl. And thanks for the comments here already! Boy R’s would turn blue if Fl voters could protect women’s rights and DeSantis would be finished politically.

Here is some encouraging Hopium worth listening too. Pelosi with BTC and I feel I hear Simon’s echos in her wonderful interview. She stressing the critical grassroots organizing.

Have a great weekend all.


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What is your take on how the 3rd party candidates could impact the presidential race? Kennedy, Stein, etc. Biden won by 48,000 votes in a few swing states despite a hug popular vote victory.

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