I was disappointed to have the link expired when I tried ti get in at 1:15..

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Not sure what happened. Others joined late. It should be open for people to join all the way through. The recording will be available soon. Thank you. S

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Where can we watch the recorded session??

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Question: There are 3 Republican held seats in Congress that have been vacated: McCarthy, Santos, and the Republican who resigned to head a university. What is happening with that third vacant seat?

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Are you referring to former Nebraska Senator,Ben Sasse, who DeSantis “anointed” as president of University of Florida. ⬇️


Not to be confused with the Florida House seat formerly held by Fred Hawkins, who DeSantis “anointed” to lead South Florida State College, with zilcho higher Ed experience. Tom Keen is running for that seat, D35. He can win and Simon is helping us make that happen !

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Good morning, Kathy. It was the Sasse seat. Didn't realize it was a senate seat. Thanks much for clarifying.

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Thanks for this! Tho’ in the Univision poll, I am seeing 51-33-16 (Biden-Trump-Don’t know).

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it's 58-31 - https://www.univision.com/univision-news/donald-trump-favorite-republican

Perhaps there is a newer one I missed. This one is from late September.

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No problem! I was looking at p. 28 of a November 2023 poll found here:


Not Univision I guess but an interesting slide deck, especially (p. 27) that Biden approval for Latinos in TX was 46-45, AZ 48-45, NC and NV both 52-42.

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Somehow I never saw this poll and will review. The key here is the Trump number. Low 30s in both. Thanks for sending along.

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"The influential NYT poll, which had Biden trailing Trump two months ago, now has Biden up 47%-45% with likely voters."

Yes, and as I've been trying to repeat and remind folks -- numbers don't get through, narratives/frames/stories are what resonate, not just with us (the base), but also with surge and swing voters who don't identify politically as Dems.

While the poll 'data' is good for Biden, consider how the NYTimes covered the "story" of the polling data on these two separate occasions:

Tom Bonier tweets about it here, and as they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"


As you know Simon, I am a big supporter. I'm both one of your earliest paid subscribers, and someone who actively reshares your content on a regular basis. But on today's call, I heard the frustration in one attendee's voice as he pointed out that people's 'vibes' don't match up with the data. While the answer is not to run away from pushing back on that 'vibe,' it is not simply by repeating data/statistics and numbers as the counter argument; it is recognizing that people want to hear, and we must tell, stories where we center the good work of Dems and also give the listener agency.

Centering the economy as the hero rather than working Americans who share the values of Biden and the Dem party writ large, won't work. We all need to know and understand the data you're sharing, but how it's framed/messaged really, really makes a difference because we have to draw a contrast against the MAGA Repubs, given that the 'economy' is THEIR brand.

We have to be for the people, not for the abstraction that is an economy -- where given inequality -- benefits too often get concentrated at the top. Again, I know that household wealth, uninsured rates, business starts for communities of color are all up -- but it's not simply reporting on the metrics, it telling a story.

In a nutshell, narrative trumps data -- pun intended.


Below is an example of how to wrap our great data in a story with heroes, villains and happy endings...


No matter where live, what our background, or the color of our skin, Americans want the freedom to make a good living so we can care for our families and retire in dignity.

But MAGA Republicans want to take away our freedoms—not only to vote, but to decide if or when we start or grow our families, who we should love or who we can be, and even what books we can read! They stoke fear and hatred to distract and divide us, while voting so their wealthy, well-connected donors don't have to pay what they owe, but voting against policies by Dems that have created record jobs (14 million in less than three years!), cut health care and prescription drug costs, lifted education debt, all while investing in the roads, bridges and renewable energy we and our children need for a better life.

In 2024, we must come together again—as we did in 2018, 2020 and 2022—to defeat Trump and the MAGA Republicans who enable his ongoing attacks on our freedom to prosper and thrive.

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You are 100% correct.

Narrative does indeed trump data.

I like your narrative offer above. And would simplify it further:

Trump and Republicans want to take away your rights, your freedoms, your healthcare, and your dignity.

Biden and Democrats want to expand your freedoms, your rights, your healthcare, and your opportunity.

Trump wants to make the past better.

Biden wants to make the future better.

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Dec 25, 2023·edited Dec 25, 2023Author

all good stuff peeps but remember the narrative flows from the data and a politician's agenda, not the other way around. There is no messaging without data and an agenda. The narrative explains where we've been, and where we hope to go.

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Hi there - I think everyone should speak in the way that is most authentic for themselves. BUT...I will stress that the formulation I provided follows a specific vetted (focus group and survey tested) structure.

Rather than LEADING with Tr*mp/Republicans, we should lead with our values -- to connect with the reader/listener -- then call out the villains (in the middle), and finally end with our vision. Shortness has value, when you're already working with a frame/metaphor that is already entrenched in the reader/listener's mind (like the phrase 'tax relief'), but takes a bit more to do mobisuasion (moblization of our base and persuasion of swing voters).

At the end of the day, I'm focused on narrative that wins voters...

Here's a great article on 'tax relief' for background.


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BTW, based on my response below on framing (sequencing) -- here's how I'd recommend restating your argument above:

No matter where we live, or how we vote, Americans want a better future for themselves and their families. (values)

Trump and MAGA Republicans want to move us backwards by taking away hard-fought freedoms, including our rights, healthcare, and dignity. (villains)

Biden and Democrats want to protect our freedoms, including the right to vote, to afford healthcare, and to have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. (vision)

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I wish I could like this more than once.

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LOL!!! Sounds like a feature request for Substack. I know on Medium, you can share multiple likes and/or upvotes for an article/post (on Medium they are called "claps" -- as in clap your hands once, or multiple times).

Though for now, I'm personally focused on Substack addressing this issue:


Meanwhile, if you're interested in learning more about this approach to messaging and how to put it into practice -- here's a video training I led:


If you end up watching, and want the resources associated, let me know and I can post those too :)

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Hi Simon,

Joy Scott here, Hopium subscriber and fan. Here's a Facebook post linking to a Fakchex article summarizing five accomplishments to celebrate this holiday season (thanks to our President) (https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=677605091167081&set=a.432365319024394). Fakchex presents facts about controversial topics (in Substack and on www.magenta-nation.com) for reading, sharing, motivating "squishy" Democrats, combating disinformation, educating new voters, etc. It's a tool for us all to be information warriors. It's non-partisan, based on credible research sources, and free. This meme will be relevant throughout next week; please feel free to use any Fakchex resources you want. I'm a communications professional and this is (one of) my contributions to helping this country get back on track. Thank you so much for all the great work you are doing!

Joy Scott, joy@scottpublicrelations.com

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I'm being called to task for citing the youth poll, which I'm told shows Biden with a dismal 35% approval, and worse with Indies in the race. Can someone explain.....

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