Supporting Simon’s last point about SC decision to uphold Section 2 of VRA. This is a new segment with Mark Eilas from Democracy Docket and NoLie BTC starting a regular segment called Democracy Watch on Brian’s YT channel. Sub and share. So Glad Mark is fighting for voter rights nationwide wide! Thanks Simon


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Question - in the Real Construction Spending chart, what do the two vertical gray bars represent? And, is there a source? Thanks!

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Those gray bars are recessions, and the original data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve - https://fred.stlouisfed.org/. FRED as it is called. Steve Rattner then added some additional data.

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Where is the link for 1pm today?

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Simon, it’s gotten exponentially MAGA CRAZY out there- I’m usually pretty good with compartmentalizing issues but this feels like being in the center of a toxic wildfire. Any recommendations or ideas for dealing with this

“ hornets nest” of visceral angst, chaos and intimidation boiling over from the GOP political world response to indictment of dt?

I’m tempted to blow them off but don’t think that’s totally wise. It’s depressing to listen to our “ House Leader”, Kevin and all the rest. They are exhausting in being supporters of endlessly corrupt dt. I didn’t expect anything good from this group but this “ torched earth” style with direct physical/coded threats from crazed GOP leaders is beyond the pale.

I’m not looking for therapy,🙃 just any good, solid, coping ideas.

Definitely going back to meditation 🙏🏻

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