Tha k you for your thoughtful approach to Middle East reporting.

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Thanks Simon. Your facts presented and continuing , are affidavit of who is the bad guys..what we need to do is VOTE!


We can complain all over this Substack but getting out the vote is a long term goal but neglected statistic... and the best way if not ONLY way to accomplish our goals.

In control of House, Senate, and Presidency will enable us to close the loop holes,strengthen our laws , and put back in place the voting rights/women’s self autonomy / respect for the office, and give autocracy the boot.

It’s time WE THE PEOPLE show up at the ballot box.


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Thank you thank you Simon. As ever, a wonderful salubrious writing.. 🤦‍♀️💯

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Thank you for the updates on how various Dems are looking across the country leading up to election day. It helps me focus on the areas where my efforts will be most useful.

Also, thanks for the research on Hamas. I think people forget or never knew how Hamas worked to create a situation where Israel's choice was risk harm to innocent civilians or allow Hamas to attempt to wipe all Jewish people out. Their goal has been stated many times—it is genocide. The Palestinians are not Hamas. President Biden said it best—"The United States remains committed to the Palestinian people’s right to dignity and to self-determination. The actions of Hamas terrorists don’t take that right away."

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If Biden's polling is not being negatively impacted by events in the Middle East, that's good. Nonetheless, I am concerned that among parts of the population, particularly young people (who Simon noted in an earlier post are not as supportive of Israel), this may not be the case. And young people are part of the effort to get to 55%. Also, I must respond to Simon's comment about Hamas being to blame for deaths in Gaza. This may be true - certainly Hamas cares nothing for human lives, including those of Palestinians. But that doesn't mean the U.S. should cooperate in those deaths. There is a considerable body of expert opinion that Hamas's strategy in executing such a bloody attack on Israelis was in fact to provoke an massive over-reaction that would result in so many Palestinian deaths that it would turn Arab public opinion against any kind of rapprochement with Israel.

I fear that the U.S. is supporting the same kind of (literally) reactionary response to an act of terror that we saw after 9/11 and that clearly made matters far worse. I strongly feel that a cease-fire would be in the long-term interests of both the U.S. and Israel. I disagree with Secretary Clinton's argument (in the video posted here yesterday) that this would only benefit Hamas. While there might be some small benefit to Hamas, it has become clear that Hamas has a very large stockpile of weapons, fuel, food, etc. and that it needs no additional preparation time to deploy the missiles it fires at Israel. On the other hand, a cease-fire would clearly be of great benefit to the civilian population of Gaza.

If we want to see a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine, as I do, the U.S. needs to start showing by actions, not just words, that it supports that kind of future for Palestinians. We can support those legitimate aspirations of Palestinian people while also being clear that Hamas is a bunch of murderous religious zealots with no interest in helping Palestinians make any progress toward a state alongside Israel. If the U.S. doesn't support such concrete actions, we can only look forward to more of the same, and Jewish people in Israel will never be secure.

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So grateful for your hard work that helps us do ours.

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Oct 31, 2023Liked by Simon Rosenberg

In this together. I've just received a terrifying video from a friend outside of Tel Aviv as he ventured outside of his bomb shelter to take the video. Sirens blaring, iron dome intercepting, abandoned children's toys in the yard because at least 1x a day the children and their families are rushing down to a bomb shelter in their homes in hopes of staying alive. I'm 68 yrs old. Growing up we had a bomb shelter built in our basement in our home on Long Island, filled with non perishable food. We never had to use it thankfully. As a secular Jewish woman and now a senior citizen, I never thought that my faith or my home needed to be protected from attack here in my home country of the United States. I now have to worry with credible threats and warnings from the ADL of attacks of terrorists seeking homes with a mezuzah on the door pretending to be "trick or treating." My heart is heavy and I continue to be spending every hour of every day engaged in the work of saving our Democracy. So glad for this community doing the same.

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Hi Simon,

I totally agre with getting out the vote and I thank you for your excellent work. I am an Irish Canadian, I began following US politics after former President Donald Trump was elected. His election really shocked and concerned me. I have taken courses online mostly trying to understand our environmental crises ad then learned how these are very linked to politics and economics. The best integrated solutions to our complex problems I can find is the Earth For All project arising from the Nine Planetary Boundaries

The total wild card is the combination of both a climate code 99 and a geopolitical code 99. We simply cannot afford a Third World War.

I have read multiple articles written both by Israelis and American Jewish leaders appalled by the bombing in Gaza.

What I read is that there is a crisis in Israel because the current Government did not want a two state solution. many people say that the current government discriminates against all Palestinians, supports illegal settlements on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem and allows them to terrorize local Palestinians. Also that the current government supported Hamas with the goal of dividing the Palestinians and in fact they wish to push the inhabitants of the GazaStrip into the Sinai desert. I find it really bizarre that this hugely unpopular Israeli government encouraged Hamas knowing their stated mission and now wants to eliminate them. Bombing and killing children is to me totally reprehensible. There are 90,000 pregnant women in the Gaza strip and there were 1.1 million children. the strip measures 25 by 5 miles, More bombs have been dropped there than in Afghanistan.

The Iranian people do not want another war. They are very unhappy with their brutal regime. The economy of Lebanon is in ruins. All these militias and terrorists thrive on terror and carpet bombing leads to terror. They also thrive in massively unequal poor societies with high unemployment rates . These are well known to cause crime.

Far from keeping Israel and Jewish people safe, this continued carpet bombing will recruit all kinds of people to Hamas, Isis. They do not care about women and children but then at this moment nor does anyone who is not screaming for a cease-fire and for the very serious negotiations. The US need to move the embassy back to Tel Aviv , call out the violent extremist settlers and help the IDF rescue Palestinian children and women and men from this hell.

In my books there is nothing worse than slaughtering children. Nothing far more children have been killed in Gaza since Oct 7 than in the past three years of wars and this includes Ukraine.

Here is the Director of Unicef.


Save the Children


Here is a march in Toronto . I refused to march before because I am a huge fan of Judaism nothing will convince me to murder children Pushing these people into the Sinai will really provoke a regional war.




I found the onset of

Since the heinous attacks on October 7 I have subscribed to Haaretz . I have watched numerous talks on different channels.

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Listen to the head of Peace Now in Israel.


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Simon, thank you for making this visible to Americans, and for providing clarity about what it is so that it is not so easily dismissed. I do believe that the Israeli government's past actions contributed to the development of the current situation. Nonetheless, the action by Hamas was calculately intentional in their disregard for the human rights of both Israelis and Gazans. As so many have stated in the last week, my heart is broken at what is going on.

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Concerned that, as others have stated, by not advocating strongly for the ceasefire, we’re painting ourselves into a corner. I am not naive about Hamas (I have both studied and lived in conflict areas, and have spent almost 20 yrs steeped in IL politics), I am worried that Biden is squandering easily maintained higher moral ground, while the Israeli gov continues down a path that essentially does more for Hamas resilience than it does for IL security. I know the president has all along requested that Bibi et al adhere to intl law, and can only assume pressure is being applied behind the scenes. But what people see, is the Israeli officials making incredibly incendiary statements (to their own detriment at times) and dragging their intl partners a down along with them. A ceasefire is the humane thing to do, but also in the long term, the better political option. Hamas isn’t going to be quashed via carpet bombing -anyone who says differently is selling something.

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I squeezed in 5 more Vote Forward letters to VA just under the wire this morning. Hoping to do another phone bank on Thu.

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Simon, when are we going to start calling the GOP explicitly what it is - a "party" of Treason? That's what it is and that's ALL it is. So long as we allow this false narrative that it is a normal political party that's loyal to the Constitution and to America, we will provide the space for political legitimacy to this dumpster fire of treason.

One more thing - we should bluntly tie the GOP to Hamas. Why? Putin supports Hamas and the GOP and in turn, they supports him and Russia's geopolitical goals. The power of our words to call out these anti-American fiends can be blunt and inexhaustible tools to fight for what's right. for America, for democracy, and the world at large.

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I very much appreciate your sharing the videos. I am an artist and visual images stay with me longer than I would like. Having short clips helps keep things real but not suffocating or demoralizing to the point of paralysis. Perhaps the worst part of all this is having abjectly stupid MAGA zealots doing Russia, Iran, and Hama’s work at home. This is beyond pathetic and it has to end.

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New poll from NewsNation, again shows no erosion for Biden, strong support for Israel:

Biden job approval at 44-56, up 2 pts from September

Biden approval on handling of Israel/Hamas: 52-48

Approval of sending…

weapons/military aid to Israel: 70-30

Humanitarian aid to Gaza: 73-27


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