How are unaffordable housing and rent costs the result of republican economic policies and how do we fix

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I can offer a totally unscientific quick take on this. Reaganomics created a bifurcated economy with growth in high incomes and stagnation in middle and lower incomes. (Even Fox News admitted as much several years ago.) Which meant that to an important extent, the cost of housing was driven by the fact that money for more expensive houses grew faster than the supply of expensive houses, so people with money, but less of it than the top earners, had to look at cheaper houses and pour money into them. So while the benefits of Reaganomics were trickling down imperceptibly, the costs of a top down economy were pouring down in the housing sector. This perfectly reflects the Republican vision. Benefits mostly flow upward and costs are mostly directed downward.

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Bloomberg News, 8/4, J Bernstein: "Bidenomics has worked, voters aren't buying it". R Maddow, 8/2 or 3: recent survey indicating voters in each state favor their respective governors more than disfavor them. So, what sustains voters' false views of Bidenomics, Biden, fed govt? Are they indiscriminately angry and want to lash out at someone, and they select him? Maybe this is not the compelling questions; I don't know.

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Identity politics for some. And for the less involved, simply parroting what they’ve been hearing from the right for decades.

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Hey Jim, thank you for sharing. Respectfully, I don’t think I agree with this.

1. I agree with Pete Buttigieg: I think many Americans tune in to right wing news in good faith. If they don’t hear our points or perspectives, as far as they know that is us conceding that what they heard on Fox or Newsmax was right.

2. Did Bloomberg buy the red wave narrative? Why should we expect this to be any different? Our neighbors are smart enough to see through lies. To do it, they need the truth, though.

That’s why it’s important to be loud and proud about what’s going on in the economy, and highlight how the Biden agenda ushered in that success. See my response below if you want more of my thoughts 😊

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T Hennessy,

I’ve been very concerned too even with all the positive Bidenomics (which I love to read about and am so relieved about for our country) And I do agree there is a group lashing out. But, I’m mostly unsettled bc of the constant ( and LARGE) increases in other areas like car insurance, house insurance, dental costs most recently and property taxes. Our property taxes in Moab, Utah increased 85% in one year! ( don’t become a tourism area?) Not sure how our 85 year old neighbor can afford that. And my 93 year old mom was just notified her garbage and water bill is increasing by 200%. I understand paying salary increases necessary for necessary services VERY important but definitely have an unease how frontline wage earners and retirees can afford all these increased costs. My friends with little ones they take to Burger King or McDonalds are enraged about the price increases. I bought my mom a Whopper ( not combo) and paid $11 for it: yikes! Skip the fast foods!?! OK. How annoying to families is that to those who could afford it previously? And my techi investor friends are really annoyed about losses in their particular part of stock market. I know; you can’t make everyone happy but all these financial pressures are increasing and IMO, stimulate feelings with negative consequences.

I want Bidenomics to work for all but $$$ pressures are increasing on so many fronts/kitchen table issues ( I’m not including fast foods) like I mentioned above.

I’m all in on Bidenomics and thrilled for us it’s working so we’ll but there are so many other concerning issues going on.

Plus the “ragers” no matter how good it gets.

A definite conundrum.

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Hey Irene, thank you for your thoughts. I do have two comments. First, I don’t think those kinds of increases are being seen nation wide, so my question is what is the state of Utah doing to either cause the problem or try to fix the problem?

Second, I agree it’s annoying that so many prices have increased, but the evidence shows those increases were MUCH more because of increased company profits, NOT so much from employee wage gains. We are we are buying our moms a Big a Mac at $11 so McDonalds can make record profits again, not because they finally started paying the single mom-to-be closer to a living wage. (Link on McDonald’s profits: https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/MCD/mcdonalds/gross-profit)

The numbers were 30% to 50% of inflation over the past few years were connected to increased corporate profits, while only about 11% was because they paid their cashier enough to live on (can find source if you’d like). What’s that mean? At the height of inflation in the U.S. when normal families were dealing with 9% cost increases, those numbers could have been as low as 4.5% instead of 9% if companies had only reasonably increased profit margins.

I agree your friends with kids should be enraged about the price increases. They should just be shaking their fist at the King, not the pauper taking their order who can finally feed their kids.

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Heya Matthew,

Thanks for responding to my uneasiness; sometimes I just need to put my concerns out there. And seek some answers to these questions so many of us have about that darn 30% poll result on the economy. Even in the midst of all this wonderful plentifulness I read and see what’s happening economically for our country.

I travel out of state quite a bit visiting friends and family and live between Utah and California so have collected my concerns about what I’m seeing and hearing along the way. I’m mostly concerned bc I can see those who don’t want to give Biden credit using these pressures on front line workers ( the GOP) as a red herring distracting from the Biden administration successes. And that directly results in less voter support. I’m with you on the company profits escalating and creating the issue in many of the daily areas that affect lives; but once again it seems to be blamed on the Biden administration not the real culprits.

I do recall the uproar from the red states about Obama care ( ACA) when it first came out; it took about 3 years before those areas realized what they had and became convinced they did not want to lose that medical coverage. And after 40 votes against it by the GOP to abolish or diminish OBC the GOP had to stop voting against it bc their own voters then learned/ understood they wanted to keep their coverage. Agree we need to be loud and proud as requested by Simon.

BTW, Moab, Utah had used Visitor room tax

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Thank you so much for YOUR thoughtful discussion! 😁 I hear the need to put concerns out there. Just being heard can do wonders to quell our unease. I also cannot agree more with your desire for community input; we are much stronger together. My gut tells me that 30% number changes the more we actively pursue meaningful relationships with Republican/right leaning Independant voters and are loud and proud about 1) How well the economy is doing (throwing out specific numbers when appropriate and maybe working in anecdotes some, too) and 2. Highlighting the impact the Biden policy decisions have had in promoting this overwhelmingly successful rebound from the pandemic. The lean right independants and even some of the hard right Republicans I have shared some of the data with have been pleasently surprised.

Do you know if your state Democratic Party has any plans to roll out an education campaign on what has caused Utah's increases? Possibly come up with state-level policy initiatives to try and enact to address the pain points for people? I feel like if state-level Democrats are also embodying the same responsiveness and tact I see from the Biden Administration and congressional Democrats, I suspect that would also help a lot. I agree the GOP will likely use these pressures to target front line workers, so I think it is important to know and educate our neighbors about what the GOP has done and failed to do that resulted in those pains for front line workers. For example, in my state of Tennessee my local rural hospital is about to lose our OB department. Why? From what I can tell it is at least in part from Tennesse Republicans in our state legislature refusing to expand Medicaid throught the Affordable Care Act. We are one of the 9 states who still haven't and of the 10 states with highest risk of rural hospitals closing, 9 are the states without Medicaid Expansion.

You mentioned the decision to switch income source. I do agree that is reasonable, however, I would argue basic economic knowledge should have told them they should have diversified their investments years ago to protect against large shocks to the single source of income. Does that make sense? It stems back to they do not seem to understand basic economic principles like they claim they do.

I'm also very thankful for how good our economy is going and that it looks like it'll continue on that trajectory. Joe Biden has been a good president. The wisdom and forward thinking our President has shown helped us recover in under 2 years rather than the 5 years that were expected. His compassionate and tactful diplomacy strengthened NATO and has resulted in a weaker Putin. His support for workers has resulted in continued increases to worker wage gains, employee happiness, and record job participation. As we talk to our circles about this, I think many people will listen. That 30% will start to move as we continue to be loud and proud with the truth. 😁

P.S. No worries about the double post. That has happened to me, too. I spent 10 minutes looking for the edit button 😂

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Continued to Matthew: And had to swivel to another source bc of the impact of post Covid recovery on loss of tourism. Understandable move but pretty horrific increase for locals .

Thanks again for thoughtful discussion. I always like to throw more info and ideas in the hopper. And TG🙏🏻we’re doing so much better economically.

P.S. sorry this response disconnected and in 2 parts but accidentally sent first part early and couldn’t find an edit butter.

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Here’s my two cents...take the facts to them. I trust my neighbors to take facts for facts. They know the difference between baseless claims and evidence based discussion. How do I know this?

Republican leaders told us “impeach him and you’ll make him stronger”. He lost the election. “Hold him legally accountable to his crimes and you’ll assure he wins in 2024” they say now. Yet here I am in supposedly ruby red Tennessee where the former president won with a whopping 60.1% of the vote in both 2016 and 2020, but an April or May poll from Vanderbilt shows he only has support from 42% of Tennessee republicans in a matchup with President Biden. The majority of the 31% of voters who said they’d rather vote for “someone else” seem to be the missing 20% from the pro-Trump vote in 2016/2020.

I don’t think this is where the American people don’t like Bidenomics. I think the only “information” they have is the red wave narrative. I think our neighbors will see through that when we are loud and proud about the facts. Inflation down 13 months in a row because the Biden administration acted fast and coordinated all their efforts to work together. 13.2 million new jobs including almost 800,000 good paying manufacturing jobs in under 2.5 years. Those jobs spread THROUGHOUT the country, both rural and urban, not just isolated to big cities. Record energy independence through record domestic oil production and strategic renewable energy projects to protect clean air and clean water while also supporting economic growth. Wage gains keeping up with inflation and surpassing it consistently the past few months by supporting workers through policy requirements increasing worker benefits, encouraging workers’ right to collectively act, and as a result putting pressure on private employers to also increase worker wages and benefits.

How do you get a booming economy with record low peacetime unemployment and ALSO record high job participation? Support workers and promote good paying, accessible jobs.

The claim the economy is bad is a narrative based in lies and misrepresentation...it is a shadow of reality at best. The light of facts and truth will always cause the shadows of deception to evaporate if we will say it confidently, proudly, and loudly. That’s what happened in 2020 when a known family man who has made a decades long habit of acting ethically and bipartisanly won over a known liar who has made a decades long habit of making profits by cheating on the truth and being unnecessarily mean. It happened again in 2022 when a red wave became a red pee puddle. It happened again when the “wide open boarder” saw 70% drop in illegal crossings after the Biden team was allowed to replace the Trump era rules with their own rules. And it will happen again when the American people see how effective the Biden team has managed to make the economy work for the average worker.

Trust your neighbor with the truth. Be loud and proud and they will listen. Right now, they’re just hearing about the red wave. We need them to hear how the blue sprinkler has helped our nation grow its roots deeper and stronger, let its branches reach wider and taller, and helped it heal from some of the wounds the previous tenant left us with.

Thanks for sharing, Ian. 😊

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Hey, T Hennessy, sorry. I thanked Ian in my last message cause I saw the wrong name. I was actually meaning to thank you for sharing.

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No harm. TY for the courtesy.

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Of course 🙂

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And also there’s this:


Gender pay gap now the narrowest on record

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Also need to note that the two Tennessee lawmakers won back their seats on Aug 3rd election. Justin Jones won with almost 80% of the vote and Justin Pearson did better with about 90%.

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Whatever you think you are doing to spread these good economic tidings, THEY ARE NOT GETTING THROUGH! Either the Biden Team are deaf or blind or haven’t been listening And Acting Upon your messaging

or the response is so weak as to be continually drowned out.

Nearly every day, the major media report that the “How’s Biden doing on the Economy” polls are in mid 30% approval.

I cannot comprehend why major Democratic Donors haven’t launched a

Major Campaign ($50 million if that’s what

it takes) focusing on the handful

of primary economic, jobs, “with democrats things get better” messaging data most impactful to the general population.

As of today we are 15 months to Election Day and once again All Things Trump

suck up all the oxygen and bandwidth.

This reality isn’t going to change.

Multiple trials, indictments, investigations, will saturate every media venue, from cable,

to network, streaming, podcasters, YouTube, Social Media Platforms etc. from both the Propaganda Networks of the Right and the Trump Megaphone Echo Chamber.

My concern is simple, Chaos, Upheaval and Drama have ruled the day for 8 years.

Our message needs to go “Thermonuclear”

to command attention before understanding and comprehension begin.

Media Attention

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Hey UpCountry, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate your passion and concern. My concern is that the media reporting you reference as giving abide. 30% approval on the economy have two problems:

1. Aren’t they the same outlets that said there would be a red wave that turned into a red pee puddle? I’m not trying to suggest their illegitimate, only that we might want to be skeptical and dig in a bit more.

2. The major media companies are for-profit companies that make more money if the election in 15 months is really close. If they start running a bunch of stories that talk about how the Biden administration has managed to a) create a historic economic recovery that benefits all Americans b) provided a soft landing where we likely have no painful recession and c) Americans are better off than than 3 years ago then what can they sell people?

We can’t rely on the major media networks to spread this good news because their incentive structure makes them either blind, willfully ignorant, or actively hostile to the truth of how well the abides team has done.

I have found a lot of success sharing out some of the Biden campaign’s YouTube videos.

This one is where Rep. Marjory Taylor Green said how bad Biden was because he funded schools and bridges. The Biden team were happy for someone hostile to them to say nice things about Biden’s agenda. https://youtube.com/shorts/y1Rwwb6Qaas?si=ceIEzp8yR0_mmji1

This one talks about freedom and the progress we’ve made. https://youtu.be/7ZO5OMrnfXM?si=eXyl6x51vdSsLKZy

This one talks about the economy I think. https://youtu.be/yIpK7BH8Rcw?si=Q6UhP4oAEqLN23tA

Hope this helps 😊

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This really is an uplifting report. We have so much working for us. So why is 30% of the population who belong to the Republican party trying to tear it down, lie about the successes and say we are rapidly degenerating into chaos?

While the MAGAteers are wrapped up in the Trumpverse of court cases they fall further behind in any kind of real American First movements. Fareed Zakaria points out how we are moving into the future with strength instead of clinging into the past where the rest of the world will bypass us. The Republicans can be part of the success if they would embrace progress and dump Trump.

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Hey Karen, thanks so much for your perspective and concern. The way I see it is our fellow Americans have been hurting and feeling unheard for a few decades now. Many of the rioters at the capitol were negatively impacted by the 2008 housing crisis. Many are from rural areas where manufacturing had moved overseas, leaving their hometowns weaker and poorer through no fault of their own. People in these situations want someone to help them make sense of their pain. To help give a voice to their stories. And to help give a villain who’s vanquishing will ease their pain.

I see that also in the pre-primary talks with people in “deep red” states like mine before the 2016 candidates were finalized. In deep red states, many potential voters said they were only considering two candidates: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

These are both men who blamed corruption and unresponsive government for the ailings of the average American. They also both presented themselves as fighters. Unfortunately, many of our neighbors picked the fighter that was also a grifter, but I’m so firmly convinced most of them did so in good faith. They felt like they had voted for a Hillary Clinton for decades already and didn’t feel they had anything to show for it.

Now we’ve gotta be loud and proud about what Joe Biden and Democrats have accomplished for them and for all of us. That’s why it’s so important we talk to those who disagree with us. It’s why they need to know that over half the infrastructure investments have gone to districts that voted for Trump. They need to hear that Biden has been a good President for ALL Americans. They need to know he has heard their voice and lowered prescription drug prices. They need to know how the CHIPS and Science Act is bringing back manufacturing jobs to their towns. We need to tell them how the Inflation Reduction Act is getting them high speed internet for access to remote work and bringing in renewable energy projects to areas that have a long history of serving in the energy sector.

Their life experience and information circles have shown them government does not work for them, it works for others. We need to share the truth that shows how Joe Biden has been fighting for them these past 2.5 years.

I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts, Karen. Thank you again for sharing. 😊

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Hey Simon, if you get a moment, can you verify you’ve gotten my emails? You mentioned it once on a Zoom, and I never heard from you. Wanting to avoid being annoying and also wanting to check if I’m losing your replies somehow. Thanks in advance!

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