The Dems also saved the American citizen from a lot of pain from a shutdown.

I admire them for their willingness to compromise in order to help ordinary people..... even if they lose political points from some liberals.(of which I am one).

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So we have to put up with Tuberville recalcitrance til the ‘24 election?? Insane! I did notice that there was no collective cheer on the video when Trump made his fascist statements inNH. But northern and western voters who are now being inundated with migrants may welcome his stand, especially if they aren’t paying much attention. What a mess!

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By all means add immigration to abortion and treason, but please consider a FOURTH as well: gun safety legislation. As a grandmother, I worry every day about my grandchildren in school. (Worry about them anywhere, really.) This is another winning issue for Democrats.

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This grandmother agrees with you!!!

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I don't think Simon or Democrats are highlighting exactly how much the Biden administration has helped the middle class. A paper on Monday explained ~40% of the rise in wage gap between 10th & 90th percentile in 1980-2019 was reversed in past 3 years.

Wage inequality fell over the past 3 years. There was a major compression in 2021-22.

Real wages are up since pre-pandemic for lower 2/3, but especially at the bottom. Over the past year, wages grew more broadly, and faster than inflation. Relative wages are stabilizing.

The recent fall in wage inequality (as measured by 90-10 gap) reversed 38% of the inequality rise in 1979-2019 ("Great Divergence"). And the fall in inequality was around 46% as large as the fall during 1940-1950 ("Great Compression").

Wage growth has been especially strong among those without a college degree, under 40 years of age.

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Winning strategies aside, our environmental challenges must always remain on the table.

No earth no life

No farms no food

No air no breath

Keep up the great work

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I'm tired of hearing about Biden's age.

What do you think of this messaging...

Joe Biden...

Only 3.3% older than Trump AND in first three years of presidency created

xx% more jobs

xx% more new business starts

xx% greater GDP growth

100% less chaos

100% greater respect for the rule of law

Joe Biden for president 2024, there is no other choice

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Well, it's "official" for me......just sold our Florida home and will be moving to Raleigh. So I am very excited to see what Anderson Clayton has in store for North Carolina.

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Tonight on Stephanie Ruhle’s show, Sam Stein of Politico said Biden “has lost a step or four” and called RFK Jr. “quirky”.

Ruhle said that RFK was an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist and that quirky was an interesting way to describe him. Stein laughed and said that he essentially trying to be judicious. Why was he trying to be judicious with RFK but willing to give an opinion on Biden? We need to call out these frauds in the media.

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