Glad #DarkBrandon is speaking directly on this do early.....we need the preservation of Democracy to be part of the national conversation for months leading into the election next year, and this is Joe starting that conversation with a year to make our case.....#GameOn!

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I understand the CDC has discovered a new pandemic sweeping through some portion of the American population, Republican Cognizant Impairment Disorder (RCID). It seems that patient zero for this new scourge is Do and Trump.

Please stop worrying about Joe Biden being “too old.” The far greater danger is Donald Trump being too crazy. No one gets “too old” by getting too close to Joe Biden. However, it seems even casual contact with Donald Trump results in contracting a case of RCID.

After watching House Republicans rush like lemmings toward a government shutdown cliff and instead launch crazy hearings today on a Biden impeachment inquiry for which they have no evidence, I am convinced the entire party including its supporters are infected with RCID. It is just crazy.

GOP Presidential candidates at last nights debate seem convinced that the root of the U.S. fentanyl crisis are “illegal migrant hordes” bringing it across our Southern border in their pockets and backpacks. Yes, we do have a fentanyl crisis in the U.S. However, the facts say over 93% of fentanyl crossing into the U.S. is smuggled by U.S. citizens driving it across the border in cars and trucks through legal ports of entry.

WTF? Let’s work on the real problem and stop blaming poor refugees and immigrants fleeing their homes due to conflict, crime, and economic hardship for a better life in America.

We have a serious crazy problem and patient zero is infecting an entire political party and its supporters. We have no vaccine for crazy and if we discovered one tomorrow they wouldn’t take it.

The answer is to organize, educate, and motivate everyone not suffering from RCID to vote. The answer is Democratic turnout. This is the only cure available for this new RCID pandemic.

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What a wonderful comment. Thank you!

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Yes, I heard Governor Newsom's fantastic interview with Dana Bash last night. Kudos to his proud professor!

I hope you'll encourage EVERY Senate and House Democrat to enroll in Hopium University, double-majoring in both Economics and Communications! ; )

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Incomprehensible that a 'Commander In Chief' would say what Trump said. Gives one an idea where our beloved country is in the Trumpism years

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It's not incomprehensible. It's just "Trump being Trump." He's always been a coward, a thug, and a bully. That's what they do. Let's just work together to make sure he doesn't get away with it. What a pest.

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Thanks for the good news Simon. I am not believing the polls. I feel there are some that are participating and may not be truthful. There has to be some reason why they are often so skewed when, in our past times, a President that is as successful as Biden has/is there would be no question that he would be re-elected by a nice margin

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Newsom was right on the messaging. "We dominate on the facts but not the narrative" Dems need to be more forceful.

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Agreed !

I’ll also be quoting DeSantis as he referred to Trump adding 7+ trillion to the debt.


“That set the stage for the inflation that we have now.”

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This is not really a comment, but to draw folks attention to an important story, namely the fact that Trump came out against electric vehicles, the political opportunity being that there are a lot of EVs being produced in Georgia, which is a state that Biden is trying to win. The Republican governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is also favoring those EVs, unlike Trump. So anyone working on Georgia should emphasize this issue. Details below from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Georgia’s manufacturing renaissance hinges in large part on the electric vehicle sector. Hyundai and Rivian EV manufacturing plants currently under construction in the state are the centerpieces of Gov. Brian Kemp’s vow to make Georgia the “electric mobility capital of America.”

So count EVs among the growing list of issues where Kemp clashes with former President Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner in the 2024 presidential race. Trump warned Wednesday the current transition to electric vehicles in America would mean “a transition to hell.”

Trump delivered the message in Michigan as part of an appeal to striking autoworkers. The rally was counterprograming to the second Republican presidential debate, held thousands of miles away in California.

With a call to “drill, baby, drill,” Trump attacked EVs and the pro-clean energy policies of his political rival, President Joe Biden. The Democratic president has championed EVs and signed legislation that provides incentives for automakers that manufacture the vehicles in Georgia and across America.

Trump labeled Biden’s EV policies “cruel and ridiculous” and called for their repeal, warning that “in two to three years, you won’t have one job in this state.”

Trump neglected to mention the 5,000 jobs expected in Georgia at Rivian’s EV plant under construction east of Atlanta or the 15,000-plus jobs promised by the Hyundai EV plant outside of Savannah and its suppliers. Hyundai’s North American chief executive José Muñoz recently said the company is accelerating its plans to open the Georgia plant to take advantage of the financial incentives in Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. Hyundai production is expected to begin as early as October 2024.

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The road to taking back the House goes through New York; and it just got a lot easier

NY Governor signs package expanding voting rights, including major provisions for young people

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I was very heartened and inspired by your talk to Seniors Taking Action on Wednesday. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. You will be amused to know that reflecting on all you said, I got up at 2 am this morning and ordered another 200 postcards. Both Milley and Newsom make sense. MAGA doesn't. MAGA needs to go. The Constitution and democracy need to stay.

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Keep the encouragement going we are excited about the 2024 election!❤️👍

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Simon, thanks. You're good with numbers and graphs. Is there a 'dashboard' for the IRA that is continously updated? (My understanding is that the tax credits for green energy are way over-performing original estimates of investments and jobs. There are probably other important aspects as well.) Also, a 'dashboard' with dots on a map would tell a real story of the Infrastructure Bill. PS: I looked at the White House's websites: too many words; too complicated.

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