Thank you for this, I'm getting so tired with the media's obsession with scare polls. They want that Trump ratings magic back.

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Vice President Harris is a passionate, inspiring, fully engaged and compelling speaker. Her speech in Tennessee shortly after expulsion over the two TN state reps at a nearby university regarding democracy and gun control was mesmerizing. This speaking tour in key states is welcome and exciting news as she will have a profound impact on her audience.

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Being on the winning team is energizing and motivating!

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Simon...I share your daily posts on Spoutible. It would be wonderful if you would join us there. Spoutible has a growing body of journalists, news sources and people interested/following political news so your presence would be highly appreciated. www.spoutible.com. You will find me at @ISJ408. I would love to boost your presence.

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I’m a sports fan, and the thing that is most exciting to me about what I see happening in Democratic politics right now, is that we as a family for the first time in my life, have truly embraced the idea of building a dynasty team that can win titles repeatedly, rather than focusing on a superstar Hall of Fame franchise player that will always be exciting to watch play, but doesn’t have the support around him to win championships. I’m not against superstars, but I sure prefer the wholistic, “entire ballot”, every race in every year in every state ethos that has emerged since 2017.....you can build a future of steady change and improvement iff of that. And I love even more how organically it has emerged from the volunteer/grassroots of the party.... I feel in some ways like the consultant class in D.C. is just barely starting to realize what’s happening.

Bottom line, we’re acting like a winning organization with a great farm system, great player development programs, excellent funding for facilities & therapeutic care for injuries, a DEEP bench of talent to draw on, and most importantly, a profound focus on the importance of EVERY. POSITION. ON. THE. FIELD. This is an exciting club to be part of. Keep it up friends! 😎🇺🇸

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Hey Simon (and Hopium community members) -- Did you know the DNC's building a relational organizing program for 2024? A literal, digital 'war room' where thousands (or maybe millions) of us can down Red Bulls at our leisure, while we turn into the best advocate for the people in our lives.

The DNC is offering a training on Reach, a new tool that makes it easier to get loud(er) about how much better off we are, and how Biden has been such a good president.

The amazing Jessica Craven over at Chop Wood, Carry Water has personally endorsed this virtual training hosted on Zoom.

There's a training TODAY and next Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 PT / 8:30-9:30 ET—RSVP here: https://events.democrats.org/event/578434/

And/or, for more information on Reach, read this: https://democrats.org/reach/

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Great session last night, Simon. All hands on deck or VA!

And here is the link to The Civics Center workshops on HS voter registration drives from October 2-6 -- just two weeks away. Any HS voter registration drive could yield hundreds of like Dem votes: https://www.thecivicscenter.org/high-school-voter-registration-week?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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Sep 20·edited Sep 20

Love reading about last night's wins in PA & NH - very encouraging to see our momentum! I just made a few more contributions for the fall elections. For anyone who's able to chip in:

- The DLCC has a fundraiser for the 17 most competitive races in VA. To donate, visit https://secure.actblue.com/donate/virginia-2023

- Vote Save America has a "No Off Years" fund to benefit three organizations: New VA Majority, Ohioans for Reproductive Freedom PAC, and Kentucky Future Project. To donate, visit https://secure.actblue.com/donate/noy23

More good news from yesterday - Governor Josh Shapiro announced that Pennsylvania is starting automatic voter registration for residents when they get their new or renewed driver's license or state I.D. Fantastic move for democracy in the Commenwealth!

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I love these positive posts. I've written 80 get-out-the-vote postcards for Virginia with Seniors Taking Action. I'll do more starting next week. Cheers to all of us.

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So here’s another piece of promising news: Democrats largely beat Republicans in the latest fundraising reports for key Virginia General Assembly races: https://open.substack.com/pub/vagovernor/p/senate-democrats-beat-republicans?r=f5mz&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post. To be sure, Youngkin and company still have a lot of money they can dump into GOP campaigns as needed, and we still have lots of work to do, but in the meantime, let’s take heart in this positive trendline.

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Thank you for last night's session, which I listened to today--SO helpful!

Quick question that I've asked some precinct chairs here but just am not getting any traction...thinking maybe my idea is a bust.

I'm in Texas. Voter registration is tough. Voter registration of young people is tougher. We have a Civics Center type organization for which I volunteer (among other groups).

Now, here's my idea...

I walk 4-5 most days. In my area, families with a graduation senior often purchase a yard sign with that info...something like, "X high school senior '24." I'm creating a spreadsheet of those addresses (I don't know names) and plan to send them a letter or postcard in January (before Feb. 4 VR deadline) with info on how to register...maybe even a mail-in application. That mailing will be completely nonpartisan.

But...it seems like someone could use that information...maybe even compare against voting rolls to see if others in family are registered voters and prone to vote D.

The other thing I did over the summer and will do this next May/June is drop a packet on their porch with a Graduation congrats, info about voting, a mail-in registration app, and a vote411.org pen that I've purchased.

I'm just trying to do some personal one-on-one outreach.

Folks I've talked to who are more involved with the D party don't seem to think this is of much use, and I understand it's something that might be hard to measure later (though a data person with access to VR rolls could conclude some things).

Any thoughts?

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I can hardly catch my breath after reading all this beautiful data. Thank you for sharing this, Simon. Did you see the farce Republicans made of today's hearing with Merrick Garland? The R's made fools of themselves in the part I was able to watch. And the Dems actually spoke about issues the people want addressed. Loved that Ted Lieu showed bigtime video of Jan. 6. And his follow-up questions were awesome. I hope some undecideds were watching. For those who couldn't watch, check this out: https://youtu.be/JEXUhha995c?si=lKrKE3gK_bnwO6su.

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Yes, but Biden is old!!!! LOL

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