Having just done some text banking, I feel like our greatest need is better voter contact info so we're not constantly getting wrong numbers. But then again the responses from Republicans do give you a glimpse into the warped, hateful world they live in, the poor things.

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The reason folks think the economy is bad + how to hit Trump

I’m having a hard time being heard on these two points and hope you might amplify them:


Why so many think the Economy is bad

Past inflation has driven up the prices of groceries and other items we purchase everyday.

We went for years with very little inflation and the average person internalized a sort of “set price” for most items. When they go to the store now they see:

Food. 2020 and previous prices 2023 prices

Eggs $1.40 - 1.50/doz $2.50- $4.83

Milk $3.20 - $3.50 / gal $4.00 / gal.

Bread $1.30 — $1.50 / lb $1.90 / lb

Bacon $5.30 — $5.80 / lb $6.20 - $6.80 / lb


This is a whopping increase in percentage and actual terms and it hits the average consumer in the face every day. We do sound like idiots and/or liars when we try to tell them inflation is no longer a problem. It doesn’t match what they see at the store with their own eyes every day, and the R’s are very successful at blaming this on the Dems with their tired old tropes about massive D spending. "Of course prices are up and it’s the result of too many dollars chasing too few goods — and the Dems caused this."

I believe many Dem strategists and pundits must rarely go shopping and/or when they go they just buy what they want and don’t pay much attention to the price; sometimes never even checking the total bill at checkout. It just isn’t important to them -- they have plenty of money and this is just an incidental expense. I think this must be how most of our analysts and political consultants still operate.

But when they start paying attention they would be shocked at the price of everyday goods from the perspective of someone that has to make his or her dollars stretch. AND THAT IS THE EXPERIENCE OF MOST OF OUR COUNTRY — PRICES ARE HIGH AND MY DOLLAR DOESN’T GO AS FAR. — I AM WORSE OFF AND I SEE IT EVERY DAY.

Abstract concepts like the "rate of inflation” coming down have no impact on the day to day prices the average consumer confronts again and again. Moving from 6% or 9% down to 3% doesn’t change the prices at the store. In fact they continue to rise, just not as fast.

We Dems have to confront and recognize this experience. We have to acknowledge it. And then start a full on blitz of all media that inflation was a GLOBAL phenomenon brought on by the pandemic, Ukraine, supply chain disruption etc. it is easy to demonstrate this by showing the inflation rates of the industrialized countries around the globe. It’s a simple and direct illustration to understand. The accompanying message is: “Inflation was everywhere and It was not the result of Democratic spending needed to bring us out of the pandemic induced recession”. Biden and the Dems have worked to bring inflation down in the US compared to other countries [show chart again]. Yes, prices are up, across the globe. But Bidonomics has worked to bring us out of the recession and set us on a road to future growth and stability.

We need to put the political and communication experts on delivering this message — I watch show after show where all the pundits throw their hands in the air and say they don’t understand why Biden’s good economic results aren’t being recognized. They don’t understand because they don’t see what the average American living paycheck to paycheck sees every day. — prices are way up ! That the RATE of inflation is down doesn’t change this everyday reality.


How to shut Trump down

Dominion Systems showed us how.

Every time Trump is available he should be hit with something like the following:

“You continue to say the 2020 Election was stolen. Approximately 60 independent Courts looked at the evidence presented and rejected that claim every time, yet you still persist in this lie. If you are not merely a Charlatan or Con Man tell us exactly who rigged the election and how. Give us a name. Tell us when and where. Unless you give us that simple information it is clear that all you are is a Con Man. So who did it ? When and Where? Are you too afraid to give us a name? Or is it that you really are just a Con Man who has been abusing the trust of your followers for years? Which is it? Are you a con man or will you give us a name and when and where? Or have you just been abusing for years the confidence your followers have placed in you ?”

Something like this. And don’t let up until he gives a straight answer — that he can’t give a name or a when and how. Everyone has to do this. Hit him with this over and over. Stick with the line of questioning to its conclusion. Over and over.

Give him a choice: give us the goods or admit you’ve been abusing the confidence of your followers for years.

There are now 875,000,000+ reasons why he won’t and we have push hard on this leverage point again and again. Don’t argue facts with his followers use this question to show they’ve been conned.

Anyway, I hope you find this analysis useful


PS — this will work for all the other election deniers as

Ron Feinman, Esq.

Lynchburg Virginia


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Agree, Ron➡️” Abstract concepts like the "rate of inflation” coming down have no impact on the day to day prices the average consumer confronts again and again”.

Talking abstract to some consumers often makes us appear as disconnected as many politicians.

Also agree we need to keep it simple Inflation Is Global.

Do you want to live like ( GOP -loving ) Hungary ?? Inflation at ~ 20 % !

Florida now has the highest US inflation rate, thanks in part to DeSantis’s actions/non-actions.

Floridians are struggling to pay for food/rent, mortgage insurance while our governor campaigns in Iowa….while throwing baseballs at cans of BudLite !

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Very much agree with promoting that our people vote on day 1 of the "early vote". And that allows for then pursuing more efficiently supportive voters who have not as yet voted. However, based on my extensive canvassing experience, in my view we should be reaching out to those lower propensity voters, in multiple times and ways, well before that day 1. We do have the resources for that and in my experience it is the most productive effort in canvassing.

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James Carville? Haven't we had enough of old school neoliberal Dems? Thankfully the party is much more progressive today, thanks to the younger voters you are trying to engage, and that's where we need to keep the focus. Not the 1990s.

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