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Founding Member episode

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January Hopium Founding Member Briefing - I'd Much Rather Be Us Than Them

Here's the recording from our get together Friday. Next gathering is Feb 2nd


Here’s a recording of our gathering on Friday. I kick it off with 20 minutes of remarks and take a question whose answer I thought worth sharing. I hope you find it useful.

Having now done two of these meetings I think I am only going to share my opening remarks in the recording I send out each time. As we are still a small group I’d like t…

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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
Hopium Chronicles With Simon Rosenberg Podcast
Expert commentary from a 30 year veteran of US politics. Here we'll be working on strategies to defeat MAGA, tell our story more effectively and ensure freedom and democracy prevail. Expect sharp analysis, live events and all sorts of Hopium!