A great way for us to help with registering youth to vote is to donate to The Civics Center, https://www.thecivicscenter.org/, an organization that works around the country at our high schools, registering young people to vote.

And I love volunteering with them to write postcards to youth informing them of an upcoming election in their community and asking them to get a friend to register to vote and go to the polls together. Its a simple way for us to have an effect on the importance of voting, because it has been shown if you can get someone to vote in several consecutive elections they have a stronger tendency to become a life long voter.

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Also check out Civic Influencers, https://civicinfluencers.org/, which focuses on college age kids in colleges, universities, trade schools and those not in school with laser focus in swing states where the youth vote has tipped several elections.

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May 19, 2023·edited May 19, 2023

Love it--virtuous cycle of participation as we keep building our momentum! We can each find SOME thing to do and then talk it up to bring someone to join us--postcarding, phone/text banking, voter registration, donating--there’s something for everyone!

Jessica Craven makes it so easy with her “Chop Wood, Carry Water” scripts and links:


State legislatures are our laboratories of democracy, and The States Project makes it so easy to support the most viable candidates with Giving Circles:


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Good News all around...Dems, be proud...and as Simon says "Get Loud"—we have so much to share, let's just start with our VALUES (most of all FREEDOM - including freedom of speech & worship, and FROM want & fear, all things the MAGA GOP are against).

And let's not be afraid to call out Repubs for the VILLAINS they are and make clear their motivation: to rig the rules to give tax cuts for the wealthy, well-connected few and price-gouging corporations who keep them in gerrymandered power—even when it means they're throwing Americans off social security and Medicare, forcing families to go hungry, denying veterans their hard-earned benefits and recklessly forcing America into default.

Together, we can (and have done so countless times already!) win and deliver on our VISION—a government of, for and by the people!

Let's start in 2023 in Virginia. We don't need to wait until 2024.

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I couldn’t have summed the last few weeks up better myself, Simon… Every time and everywhere we have a chance, the #QuietMajority (I don’t feel like we’re a “silent majority”… We’re just quietly working in our spare time, and from the comfort of our own homes) shows up, does the work, and we win somewhere and clean up a little bit more of the mess they’ve created, and put a little extra layer of backstop between what they’re trying to do and what the American people really want. There’s a snowball rolling down a hill that the national media just doesn’t see, most Republicans cannot accept, and even most Democrats are too traumatized to fully believe yet… But thanks to communities like this, I can feel it, and therefore, I’m more optimistic about the future than ever before, and I am able to pass that along to my friends and family, who have been terrified into paralysis by the narratives being spun from the Clickbait media and performative political class, but are beginning to believe too. This is what winning looks like 👍

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Whoop whoop Anderson Clayton strikes again. NC’s DNC chair on with Jen Psaki


I went to my first ever county DP meeting last night. Starting somewhere..... (-:

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Yes to all of this especially young voters! One of my favorite organizations is Voters of Tomorrow. Santiago Mayer - the ED - and Victor Shi are powerful messengers doing excellent work to engage and turnout voters. This is one of the organizations I have a monthly recurring donation to. Turning out young voters is absolutely critical not only to for 2024, but for decades to come.

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