For those especially worried about how we get people to understand all the great work we've done, I suggest that we're at the stage in this process where people are going to start noticing it in their own lives more and more over the next 18 months. We need to keep shouting the data from the rooftops, but we're also going to start getting a big assist from the compounding effect of good policy over a sustained period of time. Give yourself the treat of watching the following clip from President Clinton's 2012 DNC Convention Speech for exactly 3 minutes (I have it cued to start in the right place).....history so often repeats itself. Tell me that you couldn't easily replace the name Obama with Biden, and Bush with Trump, and the story is nearly identical. MAGA will keep being appalling and horrible my friends....but we're entering a wonderful new phase of our economic recovery.....the part where people #FeelIt!


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STEVE! Man I love your ECHO! Love this soooooo good.

Here is New Radical’s Gregg Alexander playing requested ‘You get what you give’ for Biden Harris 2021 Inaugural to accompany your AWESOME throwback! (-;


Thanks Steve

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This is all great news. Wrt Housing prices- and I apologize for the essay- I think it'd benefit ourselves to ask why Housing seems to be a blind spot for many Dems at state-level leadership. In New York, for example, Governor Hochul, State Assembly and Speaker Carl Heastie, and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins haven't passed any major housing reforms since 2019. This is despite having a super majority in both chambers, which would allow the legislature Dems to hypothetically enact any housing reform they want, no matter how incremental or how big. This year- despite multiple rent records being broken across the city and state- New York is getting neither significant new home construction nor renter and homeowner protections. This issue only exacerbates homelessness, which flows downwards to GOP messaging on crime and negative perception of Dem-led cities. New York, as well as cities like LA, Portland, and SF, are more than likely hurting voters' perception of Dems and our ability to better quality of life. I think it's important that we ask ourselves why Dem supermajorities in places like New York state don't act like the one-vote majorities in Michigan and Minnesota.

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I think it’s important that New York Democrats ask such questions about the New York lege.

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Gerry, I’m a native Minnesotan- lived here for 55 of my 69 years. Spent most of my career working to pass smart environmental policies at the state and federal level. As you may know, MN passed a 100% renewable energy standard this session - 100% by 2040.

The basics of the policy were written in the 90’s and have been adapted and upgraded as renewable tech improved. Another words, the minute we had a trifecta gov’t, we were ready to propose legislation including having Senators and Representatives already lined up as co-authors and sponsors. We knew who was in favor and who would oppose it. When public comments were needed, more than 30 nonprofit partners around the state were ready to reach out to their constituents. We moved immediately and were disciplined about the order of the policies we proposed.

I know little about NY state politics. But what worked here was having very experienced people rowing in the same direction for many, many years. Housing is a giant issue. Find your champion in the legislature. Find partners - nonprofits and their funders and start to formulate solutions. Build relationships with folks on both sides. Find some corporate champions. Build a movement - though I suspect there is already one there.

Housing prices in the Twin Cities are ungodly expensive. We are working on that. But the legislation that passed this year passed largely because of preparation, planning and discipline. The cats cooperated this time- not always the case.

I was talking with a group of friends 3 weeks ago about all the good that happened here with a trifecta D government. One woman shot back immediately that she couldn’t care less about recreational marijuana but is worried about still having to pay taxes on her SS income. She ranted at me about the “problem” and asked why no one had done anything about it. So I turned it back to her- what had she done? Had she called her state rep or Senator and asked them to do something? Were there studies of how many seniors were poor or just barely getting by? Who in the legislature was interested in working on reducing state income tax for seniors? Crickets. ( yes, she is angry with me. Anger can be motivating)

If not me, who? If not now, when? Complex issues in a democracy require foot soldiers.

We are those soldiers. Good luck.

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Sheila, always enjoy your informative posts.

Regarding rec marijuana, Florida’s proposed ballot measure is very popular, particularly among young voters which is the real reason GOP opposes.

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Kathy, here in MN, we had a Legalize Marijuana party; a third party dedicated to a narrow range of policies. They were quite successful in pulling in Independents and Democrats for several years. The Dems here decided to remove their reason for existing - by making pot legal so as to drain their party of its standing during elections. Worked like a charm with Republicans totally opposed to the measure because they understood full well that a third party that damaged Democrats worked in their favor. Hope it helps you in Florida!!!!

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I saw Gavin Newsom use your stats - so happy to see the good news and positive framing working!

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