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My Hopium 2023 Election Recap - 2023 Has Been A Very Good Year For Democrats

Thanks to the DNC's Sam Cornale for Dropping By!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since recording this discussion I’ve posted a comprehensive look at what happened in 2022 and 2023, and why it leaves me optimistic about 2024. Enjoy.


Here is a recording of our gathering today. We had a great election night last night and have had a terrific year. Congratulations everyone, and thank you all for everything you did to make it possible.

I know some of you could not log in to the discussion, and I am really sorry that happened on such a joyous, Hopium-filled day. We had a late surge of RSVPs and while I had purchased the ability to host several thousand guests it apparently was too late for it to kick in for this event. It’s a sign that our community is growing, and I got caught a little by surprise by the very strong response. It won’t happen again, and again, I am really sorry.

Finally, I want to thank Sam Cornale, the Executive Director of the DNC, for coming by and giving us a spirited update. With the 2023 election season ending it is time for us to start getting ready for 2024. Sam’s talk to us was the beginning of our community starting to look ahead to the all-important election next year.

You can find some of the data I reference in the talk here, and I will be putting out more analysis in the days ahead.

Keep working hard all, and congratulations on a kick-ass 2023!!!!!! - Simon

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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
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