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Thank you for all you do and also to Ben Wikler in Wisconsin. Thrilled to be part of your team. Let's do this!

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Excited I was able to catch you live on YouTube. I’m new to your channel & appreciate your approach & all the facts & optimism you bring!

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Mar 29, 2023·edited Mar 29, 2023

Great interview with Ben!

To make calls ANYTIME from home to Wisconsin, not on a scheduled phone bank, Mass Dems and the DNC have resources available to anyone:

*** Mass Dems Organizing Hub Phone Banks (which I co-host) Resource Page on Wisconsin


*** DNC Scale to Win Autodialer -- direct link to the dialer and practice script


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Learned a lot about Wisconsin in particular with this interview. Postcards and $$$ continue to flow to Wisconsin Dems.

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Srrive FOR 55, not "Strive to 55."

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Whenever I start feeling despondent over our current political situation -- usually after watching the news -- I turn to Hopium and quickly recover my optimism that good will overcome the madness that is MAGA. Thank you for all you're doing, Simon.

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