Perhaps we need to start calling the GOP the Grumpy Old Pessimists...though that sounds indulgently patronizing, when they are actually dangerous and destructive instead. Maybe someone else has a different descriptor for the "G"?

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Mar 22, 2023Liked by Simon Rosenberg

Congratulations 🎊 πŸ‘ πŸ’ πŸ₯³

Glad America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ has your blog to keep our hope alive and our spirits up until we can all vote πŸ—³ blue πŸ—³ πŸ’™ πŸ˜€ until the radical insurrectionists are no longer of consequence. That's their greatest fear 😨 that all the rest of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ will turn on them in rejection, and we rightfully should, considering all the seditious activities they have already done like J6 and their current pursuit of trying to turn America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ into their ideal of the privileged utopia for them at the expense of the rest of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. But unless everyone gets involved, no excuses, we have to keep our defenses up, lest we lose the fight for the soul and freedom of all America!!! Vote πŸ—³ blue πŸ—³ πŸ’™ 😎 until the radicals are dust in the wind!!! There's your divorce Marjorie hate stirrer!! The best way to fight is peacefully, just like MLK Jr did. We too shall overcome πŸ™

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Hi Simon. Enjoyed your latest version of the presentation. One concernβ€” I know you are one person starting a new venture with lots to do, but now that you have fired us up to be information warriors it would be great if you could give us some tools to do that and go it well . Even just converting your slides to simple versions people could post or put in newsletters, etc. maybe hire an intern? Not everyone is going to sit through a webinar to learn. We have ideas how to share and have retweeted you and copied some things but it would be great to have nice posts created by you. ( dale from Force Multiplier

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Can we as grass rooters post this video on our FB page (love to hate fb)?

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On Twitter and Facebook the youtube url still shows the time of the meeting which has passed. https://www.youtube.com/live/5fEPDFzi0UA?feature=share

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Good Morning,

So many of my friends have tuned out. This week was the last straw for so many of them. They wonder why I stay engaged, and I say it is for the good of all. What else can I say to keep them in this fight. Thank you for sharing so many of the grassroot groups.

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This is great, and I signed up as a paid subscriber. Thanks for giving us progressives "hopium!"

I shared this with our group, and someone pointed out that the quote from the 2017 article says that "hundreds of thousands were dying" in Vietnam; the implication is that hundreds of thousands of *Americans* were dying, but that wasn't the case (approx 58,200 lost their lives there). Did you intend either that so many were *fighting* there, or hundreds of thousands of *people* (including Vietnamese) were dying there? Thanks again!

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I just spoke with an old friend who now lives in Arkansas. Folks in AR are riddled with fear about transgender spreading like a virus. They do believe that kids want to be cats and have litter boxes in classrooms. Obviously they are consuming right wing propaganda, but Evangelical pastors, Southern Baptists, are spreading theser lies every week at church to large swaths of ppl. The pastors even adopted the QAnon conspiracies & think Trump is the modern day Jesus. The problem is these ppl are in a bubble and their faith is not pierceable. When my friend tries to point out transgender is not a virus, not being taught in school and no kids want litter boxes in classrooms, she's berated & demonized so she chooses not to discuss these things in AR anymore.

Another problem I fear Biden banning TikTok the Gen Z who voted for him will be infuriated and may come out to vote against him on that single ban alone.

The right wing has all the popular social media sites, 4 cable news networks, talk radio, and the church all spreading the same message.

Democrats really need to learn to do daily press, they need a collective message they can all repeat every single day. I don't see that happening yet. In fact, most of them won't even talk about the fact Trump tried to steal the election, now it's just the insurrection they refer to. If democrats don't alert and warn low information people (those who dont pay attention to politics) the rise of fascism is already here, they will look at other issues when voting. People are emotional and vote based on emotions, that's is what the GOP secret sauce is, using issues that target human emotion and fear to drive ppl to the polls. Dems must use some fear as well, but theirs would be justified.

Next problem is Merrick Garland. He is not investigating Trump for trying to steal the election. He's not investigating the 19 members of congress who met prior to the insurrection, or the architects of the entire plot. People showed up to help save democracy and were rewarded with an AG who didn't bother to do a damn thing about the ppl who tried to take our democracy down.

It makes it look like dems are not concerned about democracy or just don't care that much.

How we can ask people to come out and vote to help save democracy when the AG does nothing to the people who tried to illegally dismantle it? This was a big dereliction of duty IMO.

Final problem, Joe Biden's age. He's done great, but is slowing down, and lots of ppl don't like the idea of his age despite the good job he's done. I am afraid he won't have the energy to get people excited about voting and doesn't have the time considering all the crisis' around the world & in USA.

I think dems should seriously consider running a younger candidate. I am not confident he will be able to do his job in 5 yrs from now, just being honest.

If MAGA has the house, & something happens to Biden, they will impeach Harris immediately. We will then have the MAGA speaker as president and I believe there's enough in the senate who would impeach Harris without blinking an eye.

Maybe dems can team up with Faithful America.org to help get their message out. This is a group of Christians who are fighting against Christian Nationalism and support separation of church and state. I think teaming up with them in the bible belt would go a long way and actually reach people in a bubble.

I hope Simon can help dems with messaging & be a little more aggressive, I don't think beating Trump is going to be so easy to beat.

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Simon, this is wonderful! I have shared several times with people that are feeling frustrated. You are making bricks for the rest of us to build a fortress. Thank you ❀️

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