The only way today's Republicans are going to get any really serious part of the "youth vote" is for them to stop being who they are now. The likelihood of that happening any time between now and 2036 is only slightly less than the likelihood the earth will reverse the direction of rotation on its axis.

That is, unless Democrats blow it, but more and more the party is showing it can too walk and chew gum at the same time, so there's hope.

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I like the Friday round up! I wish I could commit to another subscription to subsidize your work. Between streaming services, the Bulwark, other Substack subs that beat you to it & monthly donations to my Senators, all the D-groups + local MA stuff, I’m maxed out. I really appreciate being able to comment for free & will continue to pay attention. Slainte!

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They are the Pro-Death party: prioritizing guns over our children’s lives; railway profits over community safety; oil and gas monopolies over the climate crisis; religious beliefs over the health and lives of women; and never forget—they pushed anti-masking and anti-vaccination disinformation to cause hundreds of thousands of preventable COVID deaths…

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GREAT FIRST MEETING! Focused, positive, clear goals, great input and participation from people doing real work.... Very, very happy to have this. Working on my recruit already :) Thank you.

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Simon — I plugged you (along with a few others too) on Lucid — Ruth Ben-Ghiat’s 1pm gathering!! So maybe new subscribers will come along. I echo Marlene’s comment about the looming problem for all of us who care so deeply, are engaging with the (feigned) energy of our once-20-yr-old-selves, and who are supporting community press, Substack writers, and democracy projects left and right!! I am truly maxed out. And yet, here I am. So, thanks for being here. Taking a new tack — recognizing that our old way has to be refashioned.

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Dems need to push the "death to women" republican narrative

to the younger people. Also the

different southern states assaults on education and voting

for that generation. A couple of

ofweeks ago, here in deep red

Arkansas, we had 1,000 high

school students walk out in

protest to Sanders and the

legislators passing the LEARNS

bill. Simon, you're noting in

Democracy Docket the bills

they're pushing here now on

voting, donating to candidates

and the increase in counties

now needed for a citizens

petition to get on the ballot.

How many of those HS students

are registered to vote here, or

have been reached out to by

the Democratic party?

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Great newsletter as you hit your stride. I was happy to attend your session earlier today and hear directly from activists across the country. Empowering and inspirational ❤️

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Excellent analysis and synopsis of what's happening politically. Glad to hear that some GOP realize how 🤔 close their party may be to extinction due to their new style radicals who want to force their views and beliefs on America 🇺🇸 regardless.

Hopefully they're right about the demise of GOP; that'll happen when you 😉 let the orange 🍊 behemoth and his band of merry fascist clowns 🤡 run the show!!

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Such statement such as this made by trump lead me to believe he has become the willing tool of far darker opponents to Democracy that he is. ""His call for firing “deep staters” and reconstituting “the State Department, the defense bureaucracy, the intelligence services, and all of the rest.” This reads like Steven Miller, Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn wrote it.

We need less focus on front man trump. We need to expose the activities of trump's puppet masters.

Here is an article on Miller's activities:


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Count me in for the Friday roundup!

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