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I just want to say that am a Clinical Mental Health Therapist and find that people are exhausted. Action is the best antidote to the anxiety that underlies this exhaustion. We do nothing but take in more and more bad news and it leads to that learned helplessness and exhaustion (which is part of the goal of autocratic movements). We need to send Hopium Chronicles and other Substacks such as Chop Wood Carry Water and others that we find helpful and action oriented and spread the word. I've sent these to everyone in my email contact list and those contacts are subscribing. It is good for their for mental health and the health of our democracy to hear:

1. The economy is good.

2. They can be part of elections all across the country even in "off years" in 2023.

3. They aren't alone - there is an army out there with them.

4. That GOTV works and is the best way to guarantee success in 2024.

I urge everyone to share this information and ask their contacts to do the same. It's a great way to steer those who want the same thing that we do in a direction that gives them hope.

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Thanks for sharing the story about Laurie in New York City… It’s easy for us to get too caught up in how to change the minds of independence and soft Republicans… When, in fact, we have the most to gain by simply shoring up the well deserved enthusiasm of our own Democratic base, that doesn’t necessarily understand just how extraordinary of a job President Biden has done. Being an information warrior doesn’t have to mean persuading undecided people all the time, especially in an off election year…it absolutely equally means boosting the morale of our own team heading into the election year. Great post!

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Maybe a question for tonight, but I am wanting to set up small 10$ monthly donations to say 20 national Dem campaigns that have a good chance of flipping a seat. In NC for example, I am spying awful Virginia Foxx who needs to by pried out of hers. I know Cruz has good challengers. Can you discuss influential seats that have great to good chances of flipping, so $ can start rolling in now & often. And I know Gov races are so important too, especially where a trifecta is looming. VA and here in NC. Mark Robinson is a bad dude. (Check out link from ncdp about him). Obviously Biden too. So perhaps a list that could be updated monthly, so those of us with a little extra can be purposeful about rolling donations. Thanks


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Simon that was GREAT Meet up. I love to hear your hits because the repetition is therapeutic. But then you drop NEW nuggets like Dems Vote Day 1 and my mind gets blown!

I encourage folks do get involved locally and register voters. Don’t WAIT for the National Voter Reg campaign that we are manifesting here. I am starting Saturday with YouCanVote. ACTION chases the worries and fears away! And when you are face to face with mostly folks that think like you do, it solidifies the hope into trust that our democracy will stand.

Again thanks it was awesome tonight

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