One reason that economists are so optimistic about the future path of inflation is that we know that shelter prices are roughly flat or falling, but because not all rents come up for renegotiation each month, the official indices show shelter prices rising 7.8% over the past year

Headline CPI rose 3.0% over the past year, and rising shelter prices accounted for 2.6% of that rise.

As a result, CPI ex shelter barely rose last year.

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Wow 🤩 At some point people are going to start wondering why the “doom and gloom” people keep getting it so wrong.

“Red wave”? --> best election for the party in power in living memory. Even better considering some of the maps were illegal, racial gerrymanders.

“War on domestic oil”? --> record profits for oil/gas companies and headed toward record domestic oil production.

“Won’t touch settled law”? --> overturns decades of precedent and removing American freedoms.

“Gov. spending makes inflation and recession”? --> the President’s savvy economic agenda has brought down prices for a year now, pushed wages up, corporate profits up, and no recession in sight.

Good job, everyone. Joe Biden is a good president. His focus on the middle-class has made our economy stronger. America is better off, more stable, and happier now than it was 3 years ago. This is what healing looks like, friends. Our vote made this difference. Our voice is powerful. Now let’s keep spreading the good news. 😎🥳

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Simon, did you mean “UNinsured rates hit record lows” here?

“In recent months both the poverty and insured rates hit record lows, worker satisfaction is at all-time high, and new business starts are at historically elevated levels”

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Maybe trucks with signs: With Democrats Things Get Better

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Beautiful photo and thanks for all the good news and updates. Much appreciated!

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Want to ask you a question but not online. What is the best way to get in touch?

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Hi Simon-

It may be that the link is not working correctly for the podcast with you, David Rothkopf and Jennifer Rubin. Here's another link to try if anyone's having trouble:


Hope you're recovered completely from Covid. Though I feel well, I am still more vulnerable to dry throat and being tired post my late April bout with Covid.

Joan Rothenberg, Evanston IL

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Thanks for the very good news.

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