I love your demographic analysis and path to 55% logic. Yes, we can do this!

AND we need to write about this push in a way that also gives attention to the importance of winning local elections. For those of us in heavily gerrymandered states (e.g. NC, where I live and vote), breaking the gerrymandered super majority is the ONLY way to stop the extreme right agenda. Yes, re-electing Biden and re-taking the House are both crucial. But North Carolina can’t really contribute to our goals for the House and Senate until/unless we control the gerrymandering, which means LOCAL MATTERS to our federal results as well as our quality of life locally.

I’d love to see you incorporate some of the messaging about local elections into your 55% message.

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"But what if we dropped like $100m starting this spring and made it a national party, pro-democracy coalition wide priority to drive youth registration and turnout through the roof in 2024?"

I don't have much money, but I would absolutely donate towards this PAC if it existed.

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Here in FL, we just incorporated a 527 organization called Vote Blue Network and expect to use Reach software, which is also used in Texas, to get out the vote.

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Wendy, I’m in Fl. Please keep us updated !

Thanks, and stay safe…

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Send me your email (mine is wendysdurand@gmail.com)

We're in St Petersburg - where are you. I assume you are safe from the storm. We are too although there are a lot of streets flooded.

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We have to push back on the NYT and WAPO almost-weekly articles about Biden’s age, which keep referring to it as a handicap and turn-off for younger voters. Biden has demonstrated that despite his years he has good ideas and works hard to execute them. If we want to attract younger voters, let’s turn this ageism off and treat everyone as equals - voters and political candidates alike - and look at successes and failures instead of years alive.

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I agree Ita, President Biden has managed to get a lot

done in a short period of time. It’s really extraordinary. If people don’t believe it they can go to WH.gov/Bidenomics,or WH.gov/climate, or WH.gov/reproductive healthcare, WH.gov/racial equity, etc.

Everything he’s done is on the internet for anyone

to read. Not only that, he’s had to fight with republicans over legislation meant to benefit all Americans as opposed to just the 1% and corporations, and on top of that the GOP has harassed his son for years, accusing both him and President Biden of of committing serious crimes without any evidence whatsoever.

There’s no question that President Biden has stabilized our economy and our country after a brutal pandemic. Most importantly, he’s planning in his second term to build on the climate mitigation legislation that passed in the Inflation Reduction Act. If republicans are in power after the 2024 election they will dismantle everything Biden has done to move us toward green energy.

For anyone who still says climate change is hoax,

why does Exxon/Mobil have a section titled “Climate

Change” on their website? Their website states: “Natural gas is a versatile fuel, capable of powering utilities, homes...It also emits significantly fewer pollutants than coal power generation, including NOx, SOx, particulates, mercury, and up to 60 % percent fewer GHGs. As confirmed by the International Energy Agency, methane emissions do not negate the substantial climate change benefits of natural gas versus coal, but mitigating emissions can further enhance those benefits. This is a key component of ExxonMobil’s approach to developing future energy technology. The company continues to implement cost-effective methods to reduce methane and other hydrocarbon emissions in our operations.”

I don’t agree with everything they are saying, but

there’s no question that they are acknowledging

climate change is a problem and also acknowledging that emissions play a big part in it.

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It’s a travesty that we as Dems dropped the “analysis ball” when it came to NY, CA, FL and TX in ‘22 ( why did George Santos get such headway in that election??). So we must not let that happen again. It’s like we bought into the red wave mantra in those states when we could have made the House Democratic with more attention to Simon’s plea for good analysis, especially in NY and CA ( why did the head of the DCCC lose his House seat from NY upstate in ‘22??). Travesty!

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Just printed out letters today for a Civics Center project in Ohio to help register young voters prior to the abortion rights initiative.

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The official name of our new 527 in FL is Vote Blue Network of FL, Inc.

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We need to motivate Black voters (especially men) in Philly) to vote. It is a very specific group, but could be critical to winning the Presidential election. Wisconsin and North Caroline also important.

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