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You can always watch the recording! 💙

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Love it! More please.

Go Joe! Go Dems!

Down with maga fascism! Down with the GOP!

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The Daily Beast had an interesting analysis of Trump's upcoming financial crunch:

"Trump’s sudden cash demands are exacerbated by a quirk in New York law. Not only would the judgment get automatically inflated by an unusually high interest rate of 9 percent, but Trump would need to give the court the enlarged total—plus an extra 10 to 20 percent—in order to appeal and have another day in court. And it would all be due by mid-March."

"Meanwhile, Trump also faces mounting difficulty in finding surety companies and banks to guide him through the appeal, because his credibility is the very focal point of the case in question. (Trump also has a long history of stiffing banks and creditors.)"

"Ironically, Trump’s position as the leading 2024 Republican candidate actually makes matters worse for him, experts said, because the way he used his four years in the White House to block civil cases make him a radioactive borrower. ... something that proved instructive for any potential lender now."


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Great interviews recently on MSNBC and CNN!!! Again: heads down, work hard and we got this!!!!

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I have gotten my “tribe” to donate to Suozzi and I have posted on every receptive platform the need to support him as well.

We can narrow the slim majority MAGA has in the House. And we can do it NOW. We can, with our support, prevent the MAGA agenda from moving forward.

We can do this.

We CAN!!!


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This is excellent! Another Substack I follow just compared the Reagan economy's first 4 years to the Biden one we're currently experiencing. From this perspective, what President Biden is achieving is even more mind-blowing!


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I am not sure if others agree or not, but I wish Biden was not skipping the Super Bowl interview. I don't disagree with their less is more media strategy, but I feel like this is one of the few times when he could show he is a real person to a wide audience. I liked his Conan interview, and I feel like they should have tried to get a similar interview with Colbert for this spot.

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Hi Josh, I have been enjoying your comments and appreciate your energy.

Imo, I would say becuz of the ridiculous conspiracy theory of the far right, that now the Super Bowl is rigged and this is a Dem psy-op, (gosh, i am green and dizzy just from typing such ludicrous buffoonery),

I think this is the correct call from B/H HQ. I think Taylor and Travis can handle themselves with poise, grace, and sheer talent under the bright lights of that platform. I trust Biden will media blitz however with ads, which is also correct, imo.

I also believe his state of union address is planned for March, btw.

What would be a good place for Biden/Harris to be heard will be at the Poor Peoples Coalition’s marches to 31 state houses across US including DC. March 2.

Here is MSNBC clip and link. I encourage everyone to share in your networks and if you can march in a state. Show up and ‘flood the zone’ so R’s and poor voters can see we All have Power & need too be heard.

Organizing this movement and registering these voters will bring victory margins!



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Oh I agree those are reasons why they are skipping it. And I am not saying it is not good for the health of the country or destructive to his re-election. I just think it would be better to do it. I have shown people in my life the Conan interview or the video of the time he got his Corvet up to 118mph with Jay Leno. And those meaningfully move people's opinion in a positive direction when they see it. The problem is a good one maybe gets what 1 million views? 2 million views?

Realistically there is only one super bowl a year, and some of the best news coverage is when the rightwing media melts down over Biden being a normal person. An average voter is not going to think better of him by not doing one, they are just not going to think about him. Its time to start reminding people why they like Joe Biden.

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Well the right wing spin up post interview will imo hurt Biden more then help. And the disgusting conspiracy parallels they will draw will get clicks, therefore MORE not helpful.

I think the Biden ads during Super Bowl will do the reminding of why folks should reconnect to our selfless president from a safe conspiracy-free distance

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I think they are going to do that to saturation no matter what. The answer to their bad faith non-sense is not to disengage, but to make them look silly when they do it. Or get them to run with your message.

The correct way to think about the rightwing media, and the Republicans is to think of it as a circus that is in town. The best thing the Dems can do show and tell people that the circus if full of clowns who are not allowed within 1000 feet of a school, not pretend there is no a circus.

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Imo, Biden HQ is adeptly and strategically calling out the circus. Like he did attempting to persuade R’s to get a spine, and say djt is to blame for the open border, yesterday.

I just disagree that the SuperBowl is a helpful venue.....in this current political environment.

According to this article, aides said they will do these interviews in the future ‘when they feel it best serves their message’.

That isn’t much to go on, but I certainly will enjoy the game. (-:


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If it were not so darn dangerous, it would be funny (in a Keystone Cops sort of way) how dysfunctional the House GOP caucus actually is.

From CNN (https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/06/politics/house-vote-mayorkas-impeachment/index.html):

House Republicans openly criticized their own leadership for not knowing the vote would fail ahead of time and not being prepared for the fiasco that played out.


“I would have thought that would have been basic,” GOP Rep. Ralph Norman said of the whip count heading into the vote. “They’re good on the other side of knowing that … Is it that hard?”

Just like Chip Roy's tirade about "Name me one thing ... I can campaign on...", my initial reaction to Norman's comment was "You can't make this s___ up! I guess, self awareness is rarely on display in the "Chaos Caucus".

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I was just listening to NPR and apparently the latest polls are showing Biden is losing among Blacks and Latinos.

For the life of me I can’t understand this. Why would ANY person of color vote for trump??? What do they think he offers them?

I know this isn’t exactly your wheelhouse but maybe you know someone who can help me (us) understand.

And more importantly…how do we get them back?

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Your concern have had some polls show these losses, there is other polling and voting that shows otherwise. Hence, SC primary. I guess Nevada too.

Check out my response above to Josh and the clip of the Poor Peoples Coalition. This is one great way to volunteer or donate to open those conversations.

Also dem infrastructure has been sporadic in the key battle grounds (those 7-10 states that bring the needed electoral votes to secure the general) For example, Wisconsin DP seems to have it together and have had significant wins for their state. While NCDP let their infrastructure falter after Obama’s first win and didn’t reinvest to keep up voter reg and engagement in black/brown/ rural communities. ( Also our R supermajority is gerrymandering and disenfranchised our voters) So our blue state then turns purple over time. Bidens win was so close here. But not until Anderson Clayton, our young new party chair, with her energy and fundraising have we had the ‘wind’ here to do more. Thus one reason why Simon sees hope here.

Another issue in Hispanic communities I hope Spanish language channels of independent media are bridging gaps. Their major cable network Univision was purchased by far right business folks who slanted programming immediately and interviewed tRump, softly. So like Fox, it is worrisome that this community is not getting truth and facts.

I bet Simon may talk about this this evening so sign up.

Bottom line is more talking needs to happen to people who aren’t tuned in to truth.


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Signed up for tomorrow's Hopium event but if I'm a no-show it's because I'm staying for the second hour of GO TV calls for Suozzi. He is truly a fabulous candidate! https://www.mobilize.us/suozziforcongress/event/596610/

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Thanks Joan, you are great!

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Thanks Simon

I couldn't agree more with your assessment of the accelerating demise of the MAGA GOP. And Trump, if he remains their candidate, can nothing but shed votes...

Biden landslide coming.

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Thanks for the realistic, upbeat piece of writing!

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I listened to the WAPO roundtable this morning and the reporters in the field have been finding that there is a disconnect between experience and figures on the paper. Maybe it is the messenger? No reality of how bad Trump would be for this country. Also the Arab American vote in Michigan seems to be a problem. The roundtable was very good at doom and gloom. We need the media on our side.

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The same things are reported everywhere ad nauseum and have become standard wisdom.I Iet it bother me a few days ago but in the end, they are cherry picking the people they talk to in the field, because in my "field" experiences I rarely meet anyone sane who thinks its even a contest. But this is NJ. We have our MAGA, and they are in your face, but trump ain't winning NJ and I have my doubts about him getting PA, which has swung back lately to our side. I'm told PA is the key to this election. As for MI Arabs, they are still gettable because we might see some progress, I was reading today about trump's awful stand on Muslims and what he plans to do, and more media is talking about this. Remember there was Gaza aid in the package the rs just killed. So it's not like Biden isn't trying.

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Hi! I would like some suggestions for this election cycle. I want to donate to candidates and the Dem party, but I am really tired of the constant requests for more money. Is there anyway to get around this?

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The GOP has showed us that they don't want to fix the border problems, but that they want to exaggerate the crisis and run on it against President Biden. I submit to you that now that they have actually said that in public, we should use that to run on against them.

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