It's more than possible Russia is doing this. Everything about Russia past and present points to that the ARE doing all this. It's a sophisticated, coordinated attack right out of the Russian playbook. We're part of a global attack on worldwide democracy, and Russia and its allies are attacking us at our borders and through online disinformation, as well as through other means.

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Somehow isolationist tendencies have again surfaced. Americans know and care little about foreign policy and how it might affect us. I thought that after Vietnam there might be more interest, but although not a huge fan of the draft (could have national service instead), when the draft ended so did most people's interest in foreign policy. Someone else would go in the volunteer military.

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We need to understand this appeasement to Putin by the GOP is also heavily aligned with the three-headed Hydra of plutocratic forces, white nationalism, and Christian dominionism within the U.S. They are all in because they know the demographic trends are against them. That's why they're more than happy to work with Putin, Orban, etc. to achieve their goals here.

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We must also acknowledge the role Netanyahu is playing here. Just like trump and his ilk, Netanyahu is complicit with all that has happened. These are evil people, and must be removed from positions of power as soon as possible, and permanently.

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Yup. All true.

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We who are not under the spell of Trump and MAGA have to get louder and work together to fight this it won’t be easy, but it has to be done NOW.

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I heard crazy former Brigadier General Anthony Tata blame this on President Biden this morning. He said Biden bullied Israel into supporting Ukraine, which somehow resulted in the strike on Israel. Tata is a kook.

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No need for apologies, Simon. Important that you conveyed the many threads of Putin’s plans and on- going efforts to destabilize and overthrow countries in the free world. What a horror and how deeply, terrifyingly disturbing it all is. All the more urgent reason to get on with winning big in all elections these next 13 months and beyond .

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We’ve been misreading those red hats. The letters are actually MRGA. If we realize how central Russia is to Trump’s drive to US dictatorship and simultaneously how valuable Trump is to Putin’s success, it is increasingly clear that Making Russia Great Again is the payoff for both of them. The US has always been “great.”

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This entire region and the majority world is now a vast tinder-box. I have started back to devoting sixty minutes daily to pray for peace. May we all find the courage to face up to the lies we have all been fed for the past fifty years by Big Oil and Big Gas . Fossil Fuel CEOS have knowingly funded viciously brutal authoritarian tyrants over the past fifty years. Fossil Fuel CEOs have worked with tyrants who hate decency, democracy, any semblance of equality, fairness, justice and transparency. The Economic Institutes founded everywhere by Mont Pellerin Society members like Andrew Fisher with support from Fredrick Hayek , Milton Friedman and other members and James Buchanan have pushed for " economic" freedom and privatization instead of the Common Good. They all received vast funding from the Koch brothers. Check out the vital work of Nancy Maclean one of a number of great American historians. Professor McLean wrote Democracy in chains. For Canadians check out books by Dan Gusterson . Stephen Harper wrote his masters on the work of Frederick Hayek. Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former President Ronald Reagan were both members of the Mont Pellerin Society. Membership is by invitation onlly. Last year they met in Oslo. Members follow Hayek's argument that economic freedom is paramount and that we need totally unfettered free markets. President Joseph Biden is the first major leader to change course and to work to break Hayek's deadly theories iron grip on economics . Members of the MPS are all devoted climate change deniers. They loathe democracy. https://www.desmog.com/2023/09/13/edelman-pr-enabled-adnoc-al-jaber-to-lead-cop28-climate-conference/.

Now wonderful Israelis and the long suffering inhabitants of the Gaza strip are dying. Tens of millions of Yemeni's and others in this suffering region have been caught in the bitter rivalry between vicious despots In Mecca and Tehran. As always these dominators are merciless as they fight to control the region. These brutes all hate women , nature and nurture. Who gifted all of us with despots in Tehran, Mecca , Moscow , the GOP and who using more subtle tactics rule Canada ? Fossil Fuel CEOs are all trained to put short-term profit ahead of democracy, peace and the health of people and planet.

My premier Andrew Furey and my Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all their minions speak of our "clean oil." They are lying through their teeth . Worse they are so brainwashed by neoliberals and oil barons that they actually believe this rubbish they spout constantly.

I highly suspect that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had an inkling of what was coming . However from his warped perspective like former Prime Minister Thatcher he sees an external threat as another opportunity to attack the majority , who are pushing for decency and fairness in Israel. Like former President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a narcissist. Like Rupert Murdock these men love themselves passionately.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is why are the rest of us incapable of reigning in pathological narcissistic leaders . Is it because narcissists exude self-confidence and sell us fairy-tales ?

God Bless everyone caught in this hell of destruction. May there be a ceasefire .May mature leaders with warm hearts and strong consciences emerge in every home, community and nation. May we all find the courage to face the Truth and Reconcile although this takes immense courage, grit and tenacity. May Peace and Justice prevail in Jerusalem and everywhere in Israel . May Palestinians be helped by sincere friends .

May God in His Great Mercy forgive all of us and help all of us to learn how to peacefully and safely overcome Fossil Fuel funded tyranny.

May God help us see that those preaching that Artificial Intelligence can save us are just as misguided and dangerous.

We humans need to focus on cultivating our animate intelligence, our humility, to reconnect and protect the 10 % of Nature left on our beloved planet.

May Peace and Justice prevail.


Frances Scully

Where odes Putin's money come from ? Do you really think that it is a coincidence that Putin ordered his evil invasion of Ukraine when Dr. Svetlana Kravskova , a great Ukranian clinate scientist was helping to complete a report for the International Panel on Climate Change ?

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What a densely thoughtful post. Prayer, meditation, concentration, whether you are religious, spiritual, or not at all.... the truths in this post spoke to me. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you very much, Frances Scully

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Now we be a good time not to have an idiot R Senator putting a hold on military promotions.

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I find the Maga R’s loud support to defund Ukraine suspicious. Have any investigative journalists looked into Russian money going to pay supportive R’s?

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Simon & community, some Hopium from our North neighbor! Maybe worth mentioning with Tom Bonier next week. Check out Rational National for a breakdown of the amazing win in Manitoba Canada of the NDP (Democratic)

carrying them to displace the PC (Conservative)of their past 7 year hold and putting a FIRST First Nations premier in charge.

Link below

Take aways ……

Huge early vote turnout doubling previous record

NDP ran a positive and unifying message

NDP Picked up enough seats for party takeover

PC attacks on LGBTQ and ‘American -adopted’ ‘Parents Rights’

was a loser!

Scare tactics don’t work!

And blatant hypocrisy and racism will drive people to vote.

Enjoy this hopeful message. We can learn something from this.


Manitoba NDP bet big on health care, rode wave of discontent with Tories on way to victory | CBC News

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We must continue to support Israel and Ukraine. Our 2024 elections will help to determine world order. The ongoing chaos of the House GOP is putting us all on the brink. Please stay active and help elect and re-elect Democrats at all local and national positions. We are all in this together.

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