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Amplifying all this excellent data on all my social media platforms and in my monthly newsletter to family and friends. Thanks so much for making it so easy to do!

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For those not familiar with the word, swingeing (in Economist excerpt) means 'stringent or draconian", which seems to be a perfect description of the budget cuts that would occur should GOP not vote for a clean debt ceiling bill.

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Though a GOP-induced default would present catastrophic "wind-shear", if that can be avoided then President Biden and the Fed should get credit for engineering the "soft landing" that economists predicted would be so hard to accomplish. https://www.brookings.edu/2023/03/23/are-we-headed-for-the-soft-ish-landing-projected-by-cbo-and-the-fed/


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Here is a way I have found to be a Simon’s INFO WARRIOR while getting my frankly unhealthy ‘fix’ of pro-Democracy YT channel surfing!! So I thought I would share. (-:

I keep my Notes app open and have a page that I type a comment and link that is relevant to a certain political topic. Here is an example:

Make DeStupid grab a pudding and pout! Vote and $upport Dem. Donna DEEGAN for Jacksonville FL Mayor May 16th: https://www.donnaformayor.com

Then when MeidasTouch ran a vid on DeSantis or Florida I can quickly copy & post it. The link is active in the comments section.

If I catch it early in release, I get lots of views. Today I got 125 thumps up with 5 comments in 5 hours.

Here is another example:

MIGHTY fans! Don’t just listen to the fight! Ready to act? Sign up high schoolers to vote. TELL them about MeidasTouch! Learn how


So set up a Notes page for your own links to QUICKLY share in txts or comments that way you have it on demand. I even have podcasts (like Simon’s) and other vids on Issues at my thumb-tips to be a INFO WARRIOR. Have a great weekend and hope this is helpful!

Peace, share, act fellow democracy family.

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Thank you Simon. These charts will be good to put out in rebuking Repubs in their task of forcing us to default. Sorry I missed May 3rd but I was at the 'Words That Win' seminar. (Which is excellent, thank you for steering me to it.)

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Simon, ABC released a poll today showing 54% of Americans think Trump was better on the economy than Biden. Then I see Josh Kraushaar's Axios note about recent polling showing Trump within a point of Biden. I know it's early and all, but what the hell is going on here?! It actually leaves me feeling hopeless. Whatever is driving this madness can't possibly be within our control can it?

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Just finished watching the latest With Democrats Things Get Better. I have 2 questions that I think will make it an even more persuasive presentation for those who need persuading.

1. Is there a way to normalize the first set of slides on job growth etc to take into account COVID? Or some way to rebut the argument that Trump was doing great until then. and,

2. on the deficit reduction numbers under democrats, is there a way to split out the effect of tax increases from that of economic growth. again to rebut a republicans are good for the economy argument from someone who wants to believe the deficit reduction is only the result of raising taxes.

i believe preemptively including these points will go a long way to minimizing pushback.

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