Steven Miller whose grandparents escaped from the Nazis and immigrated to America, now serving as Trump's Himmler, needs to read this message:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. —

Martin Niemöller

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Great post and excellent context about immigration being a losing issue from the past and will likely be again with this extreme position tRump/ Maga R’s cling too in ‘24. Really, ‘extreme’ positions on Immigration, fentanyl, and crime are certainly the ‘fear’ issues the R’s will try to get traction on. And once again data and facts prove strength and sanity from D’s on these issues.

Here is Tim Miller face to face with Kari Lake (outside taping Bannon’s War Room-I think for a final Circus episode) putting her in a box she couldn’t talk herself out of and putting her grandiose narcissistic traits on display. Thanks Tim! Awesome because ‘norm-ee’ (how they address themselves at the Bulwark) R’s are sick of Maga and certainly helped vote D wins last week! Thanks to all you true moderate R’s that see the truth.


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That clip is great

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I think you can add 2017 to the list of good election years for Democrats. It included Doug Jones' defeat of Roy Moore and several special House elections that foretold the 2018 blue wave

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We will win because we must win. And if we must, we can. Thanks Simon

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As a resident of California, I vividly remember when the state GOP went hard against the Latino population and immigrants in the 1990's. People from those groups turned a state that had swung between Democrat and Republican for gubernatorial elections to solidly blue since then. Let's hope and plan that something similar happens on a nationwide scale.

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It is time for the Democratic party to start thinking in a different vein. While it's important to try to educate the public about the advantages to the economy that occurs when the Dems are in control of the govt.- there is a more critical issue.

Trump must be called out in very strong terms for advocating Fascism and authoritarianism.

Adolph Trump must be held accountable in extremely strong language for his adherence to those precepts.This must be repeated over and over again and again.

It is important that the public understands that the 2024 election will dermine whether we continue to live in a democracy or a Hitlerian/Mussolini style govt.

The Democrats have been notoriously weak

in stating their case on cultural values.

It's time to wake up and blast the airwaves, print and social media with this message

Democracy or Hitler/ Mussolini/Trump Fascism.

Which do you want?

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I really appreciate this. I worked in the northern California campaign against Prop 187 in 1994 when Republicans mobilized against immigrants. They won at first, but essentially they lost Latino California for two generations after adopting that bigoted initiative. Current Latino pols are often people who walked out of school to protest the moral and practical injury to their families. (Wish we could have got them to work on the election instead of parading, but that came later. Engagement is a process.)

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Please, please don’t underestimate the impact thousands of migrants sent to Ill-prepared local communities in purple NY districts is having on voters. Where is the Democrats’ plan for impacted neighborhoods and also to address the crisis at the border? Where are the messaging strategies about substantive Dem policies on the massive influx of migrants that local Dem activists need in order to compete with the GOP messaging machine which is so far drowning out everything else and getting louder? Dems are so far behind and seem not to even know it. Please tell me there’s more here than what I’m seeing. Vulnerable Republicans in NY are already using their same playbook on migrants that worked so well for them on crime in 2022 - and this is DESPITE the data, yet again! Data won’t win elections in swing districts targeted by the GOP. Fresh, thoughtful, locally targeted policies, that are clearly and repeatedly messaged, that address what people are feeling at the local level will. This goes for immigration, crime, housing affordability. It’s not about abortion in NY! New Yorkers’ are not as afraid of losing access to abortion as they are in Kansas and Ohio. The national Dems’ playbook didn’t work in 2022 in NY. We got shellacked again in 2023 and we’re desperate for help.

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While I agree with much of what you write here, two points: 1) The repeated failures in NY over the last 2 elections are the responsibility of NY Democratic leaders not the national party 2) in immigration you have to distinguish between what is happening right now with current immigration and the Trump plan to arrest and deport tens of millions of immigrants already here. The public understands the difference, and the rounding up of long-settled immigrants, ripping them out of communities and their jobs is among the most unpopular things Republicans have proposed in recent years. I've been working on these issues for 20 years and will work to help our community understand the difference between our current challenges, and extremist solutions Trump is proposing which will be deeply unpopular in NY and everywhere across the country.

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So grateful for these informative posts. Every day I wake up and wonder why we are still talking about Trump and why he still has an audience. Then I’ll get a response to a comment that goes “ Biden wears Depends and is a Fascist. He’s the worst and most dangerous president we’ve ever had.” So, enough talk and a lot more informed action. Onward. Thank you 😊👍

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