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Video: May Political Briefing With Simon (5/16/23)

My bottom line message - as we head into 2024 I would much rather be us than them


Here it is, my May political briefing. Opened up with about 20 minutes of comments and then took questions to the top of the hour.

Covered a lot of ground today including Biden’s strong start, the ugliness of MAGA, DeSantis running to Trump’s right on abortion, that not very good WaPo/ABC poll, the GOP’s unrelenting covering for Trump’s treasonous relationship with Putin, and the need for us to “Get to 55” and win the big economic debate this year. Lots of great questions today - as always!

I also thanked everyone for supporting Donna Deegan, whom I hope pulls it out tonight in Jacksonville. Early data today shows it to be a very close race. There is still time to make GOTV calls if you have a free hour or two. Visit here to learn how.

Hope you will watch, and if you are a paid subscriber, leave a comment in the comments section below. We should feel good about where we are, but we all know there is an awful lot of work ahead of us.

Thanks for being part of the early days here at Hopium - Simon


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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
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