Thank you, very much, for providing the text links for

those of us whom are deaf

and hard of hearing.

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I appreciate your writing. Please consider and explain outliers or exceptions, such as Florida, or heavily latino areas in even our now very red Iowa .https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/florida-latinos-turned-favor-republicans-rcna57167

If you dismiss areas in NY, Texas, Florida, etc.that still went R, you are exposing your vulnerabilities.

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Ralph, in the links below the video you can find my warning to Democrats about Florida Hispanics slipping away from us after the 2018 election; and my core post-election analysis which you can find on the site talks about the slippage we saw in CA, FL, NY and TX in 2022. It's all in my broader analysis as you will see if you dig deeper into all the material here. But my goal with this presentation was to liberate our discourse from the red wavy sky is falling story about Hispanics which dominated our discourse in 2022, and was never true.

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People forget how successful Rs were at attracting conservative Latinos from Reagan through Bush Jr. They pursued a long-term strategy that was working pretty well through 2004, when Bush got 44% of the Latino vote.

We should not be surprised (or panic!) when older and/or rural Latino communities, eg Florida and RGV/Texas, swing right. If we keep our eye on the prize and continue to cultivate the majority of Latinos who are inclined our way (younger, urban and suburban), we'll come out ahead.

Ruben Gallego should be our north star here. Progressive, but down to earth, vocally patriotic, a veteran, and shunning Latinx and other such "woke speak", which alienates those more moderate/conservative Latinos who are otherwise inclined toward Ds.

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Thanks Simon. I would appreciate some more of your insight as to what happened to Iowa. There were red flags, pun intended, but the party structure failed to act. Why did the party act in some states, and not others, or what was so different about how Democratic values played out over the last few years in Iowa?

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Hi there. Thanks for all you are doing, Simon.

Something rubs me wrong about the phrase “Democratic Strategy for Hispanics”. It feels sort of “us“ and “them” even though having a strategy for various demographics makes sense. In this context, it feels like the “strategy” is more important than the equality and inclusion at the core of the Dem party, that the marketing is more important than the actual content.



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Regardless of the polls over sampling Republican's base, Biden continues to gain 98% of the Democrat base, over 50% of women, over 60% of voters age 30 and under. We need to get voters to the poll in every election.

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