We Are Off To A Great Start - Thanks Everybody! Hopium Abounds!

A short thank you video, some details on things we have teed up for March

Friends, we are off to a great start. Listen to my new video above for a bit of thanks and a preview of the next few weeks. Be sure to read my welcome message too. It spells out in a bit more detail what I am trying to do with Hopium Chronicles. One basic rule here - don’t be shy. Offer feedback, comments, etc. Help us design a great and dynamic community we are all excited to be part of.

A few notes on H/C programming in the coming weeks…..

First, given how many paid subscribers we already have, we will be launching our paid subscriber content next week. Really grateful so many people have joined and provided important early resources to make this project successful.

Next, my two anchor monthly events are scheduled. Please join us live if you can or watch the recording here afterwards:

Tuesday, March 21st 1pm ET - With Democrats Things Get Better. My most important presentation. Learn more, RSVP here.

Tuesday, March 28th 1pm ET - My monthly political briefing and discussion. This is a public event, open to all, so feel free to invite friends and colleagues. Learn more, RSVP here.

And two more opportunities to catch me speaking next week:

Tuesday, March 14th 730pm ET - The Rise of a Pro-Democracy Coalition: A Conversation Between Bill Kristol and Simon Rosenberg, Moderated by Robert Hubbell. Learn more, RSVP here. Excited about this one.

Thursday, March 16th 1245pm ET - Field Team 6’s Register Democrats Summit - Learn more, RSVP here. This is a really terrific event. Try to check it out.

A reminder there is also a lot of new content on my YouTube channel. I will attempt to pull the best of what is over there on to here, but if you need even more of Simon you find some content there that only lives over there.

And of course follow me on Twitter at (@SimonWDC). Still doing my Twitter stuff every day, for now.

Fellow fans of Hopium, thank you. We are off to a great start and am really excited to build this community with you together in the coming months.


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Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
Hopium Chronicles By Simon Rosenberg
Simon Rosenberg