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As much as I hate to say it, your communications are important enough to warrant consideration of, oh, God, forgive me, subscribing to Elon musk's Starlink system.

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Horrors 😱😝!!!! Oh NO....

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OMG, no Internet for days? It would be hard for me to survive. My life is online - I'm an online college professor! I hope it gets fixed soon, Simon.

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It is crucially important that all of the Senators and Congress critters be brought to justice too. I understand that Jack Smith doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize the main prosecution but, please, do NOT let them off the hook!!

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Have read the indictment. The Defendant has some serious concerns.

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Trump is in Trouble! This will not be pretty.

I can't wait to see the party that claims to be all about "rule of law," be forced to toe the line per "rule of law," like any other federal offender (s) would be.

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Right there with you Simon. We also have been plagued with internet woes (seldom on ) and techs working hard (especially scratching their heads). But I’m right here in “politically unbiased” WV where rural rules and connections are scarce at best.

But we are hoping.

Yes the cult and not so innocent are on the docket for sure, for years to come assuredly. Fess up and take whatever bargain you can cause the ruse is up!

Thanks, Simon I’m enjoying this and hoping the guilty see justice served.

Stay vigilant . Stay active. Stay the course.


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Thanks for posting this hopeful yet commonsensical message, Simon. And, good luck with your internet problems.

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have you looked at the over sampling of registered Republicans in the New York Times poll? 818 registered Republicans out of 1329 respondent

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Yikes! What was NYT thinking to set it up like that? I really appreciate your info Guy, bc it seemed such an outlier to other respected polls. That explains it...

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Thank you for the post. I keep reading polls showing Biden underwater and some showing Trump close to Biden. How do you account for this? Are the polls bad? or are they missing huge sections of America?

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In a word, yes, to everything. Some polls aren't really polls, for one thing. And how a poll plays is dependent on the sample being truly representative and large enough to be meaningful. This early, not a lot of care goes into design of a poll, especially those done by media: it's just something to put in the paper or on the air.

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I think many polls are inaccurate. It wasn’t always this way, but over the last decade republicans have

either bribed pollsters, or started their own polls--set up so there’s no obvious connection between them and the republican party. They’ve done something like that online. A bunch of new online news magazines started popping up 7-10 years ago.

Of course it doesn’t take long to realize they are all biased, or that there’s something “off.”

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General Comment:

Thank you Hopium Chronicle Community and Simon for sharing your projects and works. Your ideas and resources have provided me the ability to pick and choose where I’d like to focus my energies this next year.

My “Working hard”

( as Simon encourages us) is as follows:

My first focus is on donating to and monitoring Issue 1 in Ohio. Winning here could be such an accomplishment for Ohio and the nation; a model to follow IMO.

My next focus for the year is Youth Voter Registration. Arizona has a group working to have every AZ High school have a voter registration program. And they are requesting donors to “ adopt” a High school to provide financial support for needed supplies. I will wholeheartedly adopt one and follow it as it evolves! Arizona was a miracle story in our last elections and their democratic Group want to hold their wins.

I’m also reaching out to my local nearby High School to set up or support Youth Voter registration. The same for our local Community College. There is heavy Hispanic presence in both here in the California central coast so excited about that also. So far just phone calls to educate myself what might be already in place. After listening to the executive director from Southern California for Youth Voter registration and receiving program material from her she inspired me to tackle a couple of places. Either to initiate programs or to support their programs through volunteering. These will be my priorities for 2023-24 to #GetTo55! I’ll report back as I learn more.

I’m also building up communication with the Seattle Student Union, a High School group who have been hugely successful in making changes within their communities. I’m really encouraging them to add Youth Voter Registration to their activism. Washington has an on line voting program for youth that has made it much easier for their youth to register to vote. Now ( IMO) they need to have Voter Registration drives to market this process, enhance their political power and bring their voices forward nationally. This group is tied to similar activist groups through coalitions so as one group rises in their activism more and more groups rise as they share their successes! I recommended they may want to invite Simon to come and speak with their group to speak to them about #GetTo55! These youngsters have amazing energy, talent and resolve. And they already have proven successes locally in their larger community. Our communications are in their infancy stage and I’m respectful of not intruding but I sense real interest in their responses. They just don’t realize ( yet) the power their voices could have both locally and nationally as coalitions of Youth Voters.

This is so exciting!

Again, thanks all for sharing your work and projects and thank you Simon for prioritizing where our work might be most effective. I joined your group to listen, learn and focus my money and energies where they could make a difference and help save our democracy. After just a few months HC has given me that information and I’m ready to get to “ working hard” 🙏🏻

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Amazing note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Irene! So inspiring!

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You are so welcome Simon!!

You and the Hopium Chronicles Community and presenters have lit a fire under me (us) 🔥 🤣

And working with these Amazing High Schoolers is definitely electrifying. Who would have known this could be so much FUN?!?

#GETTO55 💃

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Wow Irene! You're inspiring!! You have a lot of allies in this group for sure. Thank you for sharing your plans and Good Luck!

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Thank you Jean! 😀

I just heard back from the Maricopa Democrat Outreach coordinator and will meet with her next week! I visit the Phoenix area often so have been amazed about the work they’ve done there. They are papered everywhere with djt signs and flags so I didn’t think they had a chance🤷🏻‍♀️but they convinced me to donate and their battles and successes were unbelievable. I was really pleased to hear about their goal to get their Az High Schools to 100% which fits right in with

# GETTO55!! ( YAY) Nationally for Dems. In the future I’m hoping we on HC can have a “ work or projects” board so we can communicate and share more directly about action items, projects and ideas. I scan HC for all the great ideas but would be nice to have a spot to gain experienced people’s ideas quickly. ( saves a lot of time) Hope you and/ or others on HC might be interested in a work groups spot like that. Clearly, there are a lot of experienced, knowledgeable “ doers” on Hopium.

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Grab popcorn! DuhSantis agreed to debate Gov Newsome on Fox with Hannity as monitor. Wow this man’s ego is taken him down. Just like his political maker. Karma is coming!

Jesse Dollemore has the clip & rules below.


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Agree B Johnson!

“ DuhSantis” must not have watched Newsome take on Hannity or he’d never go there. Pass the popcorn; I’m not missing that debate🤣

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And if you also you love the assurance that Obama is 110 % behind Biden and will be ‘working hard’ for the campaign!!! Msnbc clip about their meeting in June.


Simon, can you explain Obama aide Eric Schultz statement at 1:10 in the video about impact and moving the needle....

Golly would be cool to see that whole statement Schultz made. Well I know Obama would be there, BUT with messaging and speech powerhouses like Obama and Gov Newsome as Biden/ Harris surrogates, that seems like ‘needle’ (poll!?!) movement to me. More Good News.

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Your observations about "dirty hands" throughout the Republican party are spot on. While the media attributes the hesitancy of R leaders and candidates for office to condemn Trump (notable exceptions, Hutchinson, Pence, and Christie) on fears of alienating R voters who support DJT, I believe that the fact that many in office and leadership positions were participants is equally, if not principally, on their minds. If DJT is finally convicted of conspiracy, those who participated in a variety of ways in the attempt to overthrow our democractic processes are at risk. They should all be lawyering up, as they say.

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Thanks for great reminder that most polls are in Biden's favor. I'm fed up with people repeating ONE poll over and over again. My own sense is that this is too early: this is the period people are not really thinking of who they favor in real terms. That comes later. In the meantime, I hope these charges will increasingly put Trump's behavior in context for people who've up to now had their own made-up context. The steady but slow increase in support for Biden I think shows that people's lives are showing the impacts of Biden's policies. That they are not stronger is a natural human tendency to cling to ways of thinking that have been shown to be erroneous. But as we get closer to the election, the combo of T's malfeasance and Biden's accomplishment should result in an increasing spread. The one that matters, of course, is the election itself.

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Thank you Simon once again for your calm nature and facts in this era of politics. I despise trump with all of my being and I sometimes freak out that he still has so many cult followers including my daughter and her husband. Unfortunately my daughter knows I voted for him in 2016. It took me less than 3 months to realize I made a huge mistake because I was already seeing authoritarian thinking with him. I have been arguing with my family and others since then.

All I can say is that I wish I could turn back time and not be a Republican in the 80’s and 90’s when my kids were young. In hindsight I was smitten by trickle down economics (my late husband was a small businessman) ; and the evangelical church (now I can trace back to the intolerance that led me to leave the church in early 2000’s).

I have so much hope in our young people and I want to do my part to make sure each and every one of them knows the nuances of voting - most especially that they should never vote straight part but rather study each one of the candidates on their ballot. Vote for whoever reflects your overall values. Never vote one issue. I did that for much of my voting life and now am part of the reason we are in this mess. I desperately want to right my wrong thinking

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About the polls: what are your thoughts on this No Labels movement? Concern is that it could take votes away from Biden, or force a vote in the House if no one gets enough electoral votes, both of which could throw the election to Trump. Scares me!

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The Republican Party is not a party in any sense that that term has been used in our history. It is a radical anti-Constitutional movement instead:

☑️It does not reject violence as a means of attaining power.

☑️It does not affirm the law, the courts, elections or civil authority as valid

☑️It does not have a platform or policies.

☑️It has no standards for its candidates or officials except loyalty to party. It accepts criminality among its leaders, even expects and cheers it.

☑️It does not hold up any heroes of its own past as models (Lincoln, TR, Eisenhower)

☑️It does not renounce foreign influence in US politics.

☑️It openly seeks to turn military and civil police power against civilians, without regard to rights of citizens

☑️it depends on propaganda rather than persuasion.

In short: This is a radical anti-Constitutional party, bent on destruction of the American republic as we know it.

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