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Recent Citations in the Press

Supreme Court Decisions on Education Offer Democrats A Chance To Make Their Case Based on Class - Jonathan Weisman, NYTimes

DeSantis’ ugly descent into ‘invasion’ hysteria cannot go unanswered - Greg Sargent, Washington Post

Can The White House Sell Bidenomics? - Jordan Weissmann, Yahoo News

Biden Sets Out On Fundraising Blitz Head of Key Deadline - Maddie Gannon, Spectrum News

A new report shows that younger voters backed Democrats by historic margins in 2022 - Nick Vachon, The American Independent

How the great outdoors transformed Oregon and the fight for the White House - Mark Barabak, LA Times

The Analyst Who Saw Through 2022’s Red Mirage Has a Prediction for 2024 - Greg Sargent, Washington Post

Joe Biden Isn’t Popular. That Might Not Matter in 2024 - Ron Brownstein, The Atlantic

Biden Faces Hurdles To Repeat in 2024 - Francesa Chambers, USA Today

Biden Is Following Newsom’s Lead and Reclaiming The Word ‘Freedom’ - Joe Garofoli, SF Chronicle

Biden’s ‘Freedom"‘ Campaign A Redux of 2020 With or Without Trump - Naomi Lin, Washington Examiner

Democrats See Biden As Best Hope Against Republicans Challengers, Joseph Stepansky, Al Jazeera

Kick Republicans while down and win big - Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos

Biden’s the favorite for reelection despite bad polls. How come? - The LA Times

Simon and Joy Reid Talk GOP Extremism - MSNBC’s The ReidOut

Twitter Takes Aim At Posts Which Link To Its Rival Substack - New York Times

Democrats Are Gaming Out How To Run Against An Indicted Trump - NBC News

Trump Indictment Marks New Volatile Chapter In American Politics - Time

Why Chicago’s Mayoral Runoff Has America’s Attention - NPR

Why President Biden Won’t Comment on Trump’s Indictment Anytime Soon - Scripps News

New Democrat’ Who Called 2022 Right Targets MAGA - Washington Examiner

Will Trump’s Indictment Help or Hurt His Campaign? - Vox

Trump Builds Early Lead Over DeSantis - The Guardian

Why Is Ron DeSantis Slipping In The Polls? - The Week

Ron DeSantis Says US Should Not Get ‘Further Entangled” In Ukraine War - The Guardian

Finally Democrats Appear Ready To Wage War on Fox News - The Washington Post

Recent Pods

Start Me Up Podcast with Kimberley Johnson

The X-Ray Pod With Fernando Espuelas - “The Case for Biden”

Field Team 6's "Register Democrats Summit 2023" Messaging Panel With Simon, Tom Bonier, Terrance Woodbury, and Jennifer Ancona

Lincoln Project Podcast With Reed Galen

Markers for Democracy with Robert Hubbell and Bill Kristol

Recent Public Appearances

Commit To Democracy’s April Town Hall

Swing Left Peninsula Our Dem Grassroots is Powerful—Now, Let’s Be Proud and Get Loud!

Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network's COINversation

Markers For Democracy's The Rise of a Pro-Democracy Coalition W/Bill Kristol and Robert Hubbell