Making June Count - Check and Checkmate, Winning The House (6/8/24)


Friends, the combination of Trump’s guilty verdict and the June 27th Presidential debate will wake up millions of Americans to the election and we need to be out there talking to them. That’s why we’ve launched a campaign to Make June Count. It’s a campaign that encourages the Hopium community to step up our engagement - donate more, volunteer more, and get louder in our networks. I’ve posted about the good Biden has done, and why we have a strong case for re-election. And I’ve posted about him - rapist, fraudster, traitor, felon, extremist - and the story we need to be telling, relentlessly, about the danger he and MAGA pose to all of us.

What follows are the campaigns and states where I think we need to be working hardest this month - Biden-Harris, Arizona/Nebraska/North Carolina, and 12 seats we need to win to flip the US House. All of what I recommend has gone through significant vetting and is where I believe our limited time and money can make the biggest difference.

Please join me and other members of the Hopium community in making June count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do this people!

Winning The Presidency - As I’ve written right now Biden-Harris is doing best in current polling in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, states which get us to 269 Electoral College votes. To use a chess term, winning those states is check. For us here at Hopium, checkmate is winning Arizona, Nebraska-2, and North Carolina, which is where we are focusing our efforts at the Presidential battleground state level:

Biden-Harris - Donate to and join the Biden-Harris campaign. This is Job #1 for everyone in the Hopium community! We have already raised $362,000 towards our $400,000 June 30th goal!

Donate to Joe and Kamala. Volunteer. Learn more. And watch my favorite Biden video:

Arizona - Help Ruben Gallego Win Arizona. It’s my view that Ruben’s strong campaign against Kari Lake can be the engine that helps Dems win up and down the ballot in Arizona including Biden-Harris. We have already raised $186,000 towards our $300,000 June 30th goal!

Donate to Ruben. Volunteer. Learn more. Watch my recent interview with the next Senator from Arizona here!

North Carolina - Win North Carolina by supporting Anderson Clayton and NC Dems. Like Arizona, the extremism of the North Carolina statewide ticket this year gives us an extraordinary opportunity to make real gains and turn the Tar Heel state blue. We have already raised $234,000 towards our $300,000 June 30th goal!

Donate to the North Carolina Dems. Volunteer. Learn more. Watch my interview with the great Anderson Clayton here!

Nebraska, The Blue Dot - Win Nebraska CD-2, the blue dot as it’s called, and put the Electoral College away for Biden-Harris and help flip the US House. I am asking folks to give directly to the Nebraska Democratic Party and my good friend Jane Kleeb, the Chair of the Nebraska Dems. We’ve already raised $45,000 towards our $100,000 June 30th goal. Thank you for helping give Jane the resources she needs to win this critical Electoral College vote and help Tony Vargas win his Congressional race!

Donate to The Nebraska Dems. Volunteer. Learn more. Watch my interview with Jane!

Winning The House - We have launched a campaign to win the US House by backing 12 candidates in Republican-held seats most likely to win. All 12 of these courageous patriots will be speaking to the Hopium community in the weeks ahead.

Thanks to all who’ve given to or volunteered for this critical effort. We’ve already raised over $270,000 for our 12 House candidates towards our $300,000 June 30th goal!

As we’ve seen since we launched last March, when the Hopium community is called, it answers, again and again and again. Thank you all. Let’s put our heads down and go win this thing.

Grow Our Community, Spread Hopium - As a token of my gratitude for all that you are doing, I am now offering a 10% discount on annual paid subscriptions for new subscribers through the end of the month. Click on this link to subscribe today. I hope we will get to 10,000 paid subscribers by June 30th - we are almost at 8,900 today - putting Hopium in a financial place to end this election strong. People subscribing today or tomorrow will be eligible to join our June paid subscriber gathering tonight at 7pm or our Founding Members get-together on Wednesday.

Note that options for group and gift subscriptions are available to those who want to bring friends and colleagues into the Hopium community. Click on the group and gift tabs here to learn more. To update your payment information or check your renewal status follow these instructions from Substack.

Thank you all for helping keep this community growing and the Hopium flowing!

Our Work Together Since Launching Hopium Last Year - Here’s what I shared with our community when we launched our Winning The House campaign on May 21st:

We won’t be giving up on our current list of projects - Biden-Harris, Ruben Gallego and Anderson Clayton, and the NC Dems. With your help, we’ve hit our fundraising goals for all three of these vital efforts in recent days. Winning Arizona and North Carolina will still be central to everything we do here until Election Day, and of course, electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is and will always be Job #1 for all of us.

My hope is that together we can raise $250,000 for these 10 candidates by the June 30th filing deadline. I know this is a lot of money, and folks are stretched, but since the founding of Hopium last year when I have called you have answered. Let’s review:

  • Last spring I brought on WI Dem Chair Ben Wikler to talk about the critical Supreme Court race there, and many of you went to work and helped wrest back control of the Court in their April election.

  • We then heard from Donna Deegan, running for Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city. This was a critical race to signal there was a path forward for Democrats again in Florida. And many of you gave and volunteered and Donna won and is making us proud every day as Mayor.

  • We then heard from David Pepper about the need to win the abortion ballot initiative in Ohio. Many of you went to work there too, and together we won both the August and November state-wide votes and took the six-week abortion ban away from the corrupt extremists in Ohio. Simply these were remarkable and inspiring victories in a very tough state.

  • We then heard from Delegate Dan Helmer, who was running the campaign to win flip the Virginia Assembly. Here, our community really went to work, alongside our friends at Network NOVA, raising more than $200,000 for six swing state senate and Assembly candidates. Many of you volunteered, some even flew into to do GOVT work in the closing days. Together we kept the Senate, flipped the Assembly, and delivered a serious blow to both the political aspirations of Glenn Younkgin and his effort to make the 15-week abortion ban the GOP’s escape hatch from the political costs of their abortion extremism. This was a huge and important win.

  • We then heard from and went to work for Tom Keen, who was fighting to turn a critical Florida state house seat blue. With our help, Tom flipped this seat and gave our friend, Democratic House leader Fentrice Driskill, another strong leader in her growing Caucus.

  • We then heard from Tom Suozzi in NY-3, a race where this community really went above and beyond. We raised more than $115,000 in just a few weeks from over 2,000 of you. Many more volunteered in this race, and we flipped this seat in February, giving Democrats a big win in what the national media called a “bellwether” that would tell us much about 2024.

  • Over these last few months, you’ve also heard from Ruben Gallego in Arizona and Anderson Clayton, the great new Chair of the NC Dems, and again the Hopium community has stepped up. We’ve raised $200,000 for the NC Dems through this site (and more in other ways) and more than $150,000 for Ruben. I traveled to Maricopa County, the largest country in Arizona, in April to headline a fundraiser there which brought even more money and support. I know many of you are working hard in Arizona and North Carolina - thank you all. Realistically there is no map for Trump if we win these two states and we just need to put our heads down and bring these home.

When I launched Hopium a little more than a year ago I did not know that we would become a community that raised money and supported candidates. I knew it was possible, but as I got going here many of you pushed me to join the work you were already doing in Wisconsin, Ohio, and other places. So I did. I reached out to my old friend Ben Wikler, the dynamic chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, and he joined us for a live event to explain why we all needed to help him flip the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Many of you were already working on the race. Many more joined in that day. And in April we won. It was a big win, and I began to realize the power of this community even in its earliest days. I could feel the hunger, the fight, the passion, the love of country, the patriotism that was driving so many of you. And so we became a place that went to work together - do more, worry less as we say - and we’ve gotten big and important things done, together.”

Keep working hard all. Proud to be in this fight with all of you - Simon

June 5, 2024 - Washington, DC

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