Let's Do More, Worry Less


In our 2024 spirit of growth and expansion, I’m encouraging members of the Hopium community to get involved and take an action in current three campaigns and projects, below. A hearty thank you to the thousands here who’ve already donated, volunteered and spread some Hopium. We are making a huge difference, together.

Elect Joe And Kamala, Beat Trump - Please donate to Biden-Harris today, join the campaign and start planning for what you will do to help them spread their message through your networks and win the core 7 battlegrounds AZ, GA, MI, NC, NV, PA, WI. Beating Trump is Job 1 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get Early Resources to North Carolina, Our Most Important 2024 Expansion State - Our number one Presidential battleground expansion opportunity this year is North Carolina, and I am encouraging the Hopium community to support the Democratic Party of North Carolina and its dynamic new chair, Anderson Clayton. Watch my recent interview with Anderson and learn how to donate and volunteer here. Help us turn Carolina blue!

Spread Hopium - Help me bring Hopium to more people this year. Our goal is to get to 50,000 total subscribers by March 31st (we are at 42,000 today). Please encourage others in your network to sign up and become part of this wonderful community of proud patriots and info warriors today!

And remember - Hopium is hope with a plan. We don’t want to just hope we win, we go to work to make it so.

Keep fighting hard all - Simon

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