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Here at Hopium we believe this is a time for expansion, growth for Democrats and the broader pro-Democracy movement. GOP extremism has given us a chance to take away demographic and geographic terrain from them, something I first articulated in my memo, Get to 55: Expanding Our Coalition, The Youth Opportunity.

Throughout 2023 Democrats took things away from Republicans. We took away a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat; Colorado Springs and Jacksonville, two of the largest GOP run cities in the US; dozens and dozens of state legislative seats, cities and towns, and school board seats across the US; the Virginia state house; state house seats in New Jersey and the six week abortion ban in Ohio. In 2023 we expanded, grew, took stuff away from them and won elections all across the US. It was a very blue year.

To do what we want to do in 2024 we need to approach the election with a similar “get to 55” expansion mindset. Things that were not possible or challenging before are possible now. First among them is winning North Carolina in 2024.

Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in North Carolina in 2020 by three-tenths of a percentage point, 74,000 votes. There is a Democratic governor there. The likely Republican nominee for Governor in 2024 (yes NC has statewide elections next year) is among the most extreme politicians to emerge in the MAGA era, who among other things, supports a total ban on abortion. State Republicans are among the most illiberal and extreme in any purple state, and have enacted one of the worst gerrymanders in the country. The people of North Carolina need our help not just to win in 2024 but to begin liberating them from among the most fanatical sets of politicians anywhere in America today.

Winning North Carolina is going to be one of our most important projects here at Hopium Chronicles in 2024. We kicked off that effort with a live sit down with the dynamic and inspiring North Carolina Democratic Party Chair, Anderson Clayton, on Tuesday night, November 28th, 2023. Here’s the video recording our conversation:

As Chair Clayton said last night, North Carolina isn’t a purple or Republican state, it’s an unorganized state, and listening to her last night we know that won’t be true in 2024. It was a great conversation and I am confident that putting money and volunteer time into North Carolina will be some of best ways we can help Democrats win in 2024.

Two followups from Chair Clayton’s talk:

  • Here’s the latest statewide poll in North Carolina she mentioned showing Biden leading Trump 40-39, and the likely Dem gubernatorial candidate, Josh Stein ahead of the likely Republican, Mark Robinson, 38-36. We got a shot here peeps. Winning here is not pie in the sky stuff next year.

  • Here’s a link to the site Chair Clayton mentioned which allows you to get to know Mark Robinson a bit better. To be clear - Mark Robinson is one of the most extreme politicians to emerge in the MAGA era, and simply cannot be allowed to win next year.

Here are ways you can help us win North Carolina next year:

Donate to the North Carolina Democratic Party, Via A Hopium Community ActBlue Page -

Sign up to volunteer for NC Democrats:

Sign up to Run for Office in North Carolina:

Join Anderson at a Chicago fundraiser on 12/12 -

Learn more about the NC Democratic Party, make a request for Anderson to come address your group - 

Thank you all. Democrats won across the US in 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023. We just keep winning. To us here at Hopium 2024 isn’t going to be just about winning, it’s about growing, expanding, getting to 55 and making this election a clear repudiation of MAGA. Perhaps the most important expansion opportunity we have now is in North Carolina. Let’s go win North Carolina together in 2024!

Keep working hard all - Simon

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