I will be in Poland next week with Forum for Dialogue. It was created by a former member of parliament. I am

looking forward to celebrating with the liberal Polish people. The last time I was there, Poland was opening the Jewish museum

in Warsaw. Then, so much changed. Happy to see the pendulum swinging back.

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I belong to a political group on Facebook. All of us are Dems. One of the members is frantically posting that Biden is way behind and that the Dems need to primary him. I just don't see it. It seems that he is fundraising very well. I know he's old. The alternative is going to be old, crazy Trump. Any thoughts or references I can bring up to him?

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Why leave the Clinton/Trump 2016 election out of the 51% list? Hillary took 51.1% of popular vote there. Then you could rewrite this sentence to reference 100% rather than 75%:

"So, that we’ve broken above 51% in 3 of our last 4 elections is a pretty remarkable electoral achievement."

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Simon: what’s your take on Louisiana? Thanks. Bill

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What action can we take to hold elected silent, complicit Republican feet to the fire?

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Simon, has there been any indication that the documents DT has had in his possession, revealed any information that could have aided & abetted the attack in Israel? I’ve seen nothing & just keep wondering

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Are battleground states all purple states?

Excellent news from Poland! And the NYT Morning newsletter had good news for Dems re gerrymandering cases in the courts now; the news esp good for New York State which could give the House back to Dems all by itself apparently.

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All of the challenges we face as a country at this moment are made immeasurably worse by the absence of a Speaker of the House of Representatives. We must fill that vacancy ASAP, and it must not be allowed to fall into the hands of a MAGA-aligned representative.

The only feasible solution is for a bipartisan coalition to support what Leader Hakeem Jeffries calls a "traditional Republican."

At www.FeathersOfHope.net we have just published a list of 23 selected Republican Representatives with their DC and District phone numbers. All are from districts where MAGA forces are not dominant. We are urging everyone to call them, asking that they break with extremism, join Democrats in a bipartisan coalition and elect a traditional non-MAGA Republican Speaker.

Here's a link to the post:https://jerryweiss.substack.com/p/finding-republican-partners .


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Good news about Poland. Terrible news about Republicans. I can email my representatives but they are all Democrats and already on board. How can we put pressure on Republicans to stop this crap? There has to be some way forward and away from the tyranny of a small, but nasty minority. This can't wait for the next election to be resolved.

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Thank you Simon for saying what’s actually happening. I think it’s time for democrats to call much republican behavior what it is-traitorous.

It’s time to expose their bought fealty to Russia

and make them pick a side. Everything the GOP

does is designed for the purpose of obtaining more

money and more power, not for their voters but for themselves-the republican decision-makers. Their

voters are being manipulated and used to fight a culture war to divide us. The point of dividing us is,

it makes us vulnerable to outside interference.

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A tenth bullet point, which seems equally insidious in long term: Republicans have normalized sexual abuse - They have allowed it, excused it, even celebrated it - and raised to power men credibly accused of serious misconduct in all three branches of government.

This is not a coincidence - it is an elemental part of the party, and it has been since Republicans gave a pass to Access Hollywood tape.

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More Great News from Biden campaign! Biden has chosen a clever team and taking it head on to former bully-in-chief! Dark Brandon is Awesome!


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Keep moderate Republicans from being bullied by Jordan.

"10 Tips On How to Stop Workplace Bullying In Its Tracks"


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Why did the Democrats lose the Louisiana governor primary? Can the Democratic candidate be a write in candidate even though he lost the open primary?

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