Here is my question, originally posted by Mike Magee in his Health Commentary blog:

“How do laws affect each of us, and what functions do laws serve in our society?"

According to the No. Carolina K-12 curriculum the answers should be:

1. Laws serve as standards of conduct

2. Laws maintain order, ensure predictability, and provide security\

3. Many laws in America grant and protect particular individual rights and freedoms, ensure equality, and advocate for the common good

4. Laws guarantee certain benefits to citizens (schools, health services, etc.)

5. Laws assign responsibilities to citizens (paying taxes)

6. Laws define what duties the government will perform and limit the power of gov't officials

7. Laws facilitate different forms of change (toxic waste disposal, anti discrimination, prohibition of intimate partner violence)

8. Laws are used to manage different forms of conflict, relying on courts, judges, and lawyers for such

9. Ideally, laws should be well designed to ensure justice,; designed so that the average citizen can interpret, understand, and thus follow them"

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Mine would be what are your plans to preserve Social Security and Medicare for future generations.

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If you continue to say the 2020 election was stolen, give us a name and when and where the fraudulent/illegal act occurred- or are you just a con man?

Dominion Voting gave Fox 875,000,000 reasons to admit they were abusing their viewers’ trust and confidence.

“ Either you name a name and tell us when and where, or you are admitting you are just a shameful con man abusing the trust of your followers.”

Repeat until they answer.

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I would ask, “What do you think should happen if Trump wins the Republican Primary, but Trump is found guilty of one or more of his 91 criminal charges? Would you demand that the Primary be “rerun” without Trump on the ballot?

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Great question. Maybe also "Do you think democracy is worth preserving and do you think it can survive the widespread promulgation of disinformation, particularly about election results"?

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"Who is the current president of the United States of America?"

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My question would be: "what U.S. secrets did #45 tell Putin at his secret meetings, or allow Putin's agents to copy at Mar-a-Largo? and what did #45 get in exchange?"

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My question...."How can you look in a mirror knowing you are responsible for more than 6,000 children killed, hurt by gunfire in 2022 and that, because of your votes to cut SNAP funds, millions of children go hungry every day?

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Great questions to pursue. Many more questions beyond those, too.

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I would ask why are you supporting laws that allow women to die rather than get established and safe healthcare.

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I would follow up with, do you understand the question or do you need me to simplify it?

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I guess I would ask “If Rump wins the nomination, would you vote for him over Biden”?

That sums up whether your on the side of democracy or not.

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Can you explain why you/Republicans oppose the majority of Americans who favor a 1) woman’s right to reproductive health choices and 2) ban on assault weapons ?

Why do you favor “life”…but not life ?

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Does the GOP/MAGA believe in American Democracy ??

The Clairmont Institute is the think tank that urged and supported the coup. They're an anti-democracy coalition, John Eastman (coup architect) is part of this horrible group. We should know all GOP candidates who are associated with them in addition to De Santis & Trump. Some of their recent conference goals were:

1) Restrict voting, bring back the one household vote, they don't want women, blacks or immigrants voting. They are looking to establish a govt same as Putin's.

2) They want to completely abolish civil rights, ban women from working in positions equal to white men, they promote the great replacement conspiracy, they want to kick the LGBTQ out of the country or put them in jail and want total control over women.

3) Make the USA a white Christian nation autocracy. They are associated with Hungary's president Orban, he's destroyed their democracy in the same ways we see GOP doing it here.

4) They encouraged militias to join forces with evangelicals, they fabricated the CRT & this fake woke stuff, they use evangelicals to spread apocalyptical nonsense to scare people and spout BS every week in church. They are also associated with Hillsdale college, the entity Ron DeSantis used to redo school curriculums, indoctrinate kids and take over the liberal college.

We need to talk about the unlimited dark money that is fueling the autocracy movement, Gen Z wants something done about this, and they're right to demand change. SCOTUS legalized bribery in 2010, it took less than a decade for all that money to throw wrenches in the wheels of democracy! We must reform campaign finance if democracy is going to remain. Tax payers are subsidizing Billions every year for corp. monopolies, but god forbid the the GOP give the working class people any help. The record inequality is due to GOP trickle down economics and we must change that !! I heard some millennials say that our democracy is not in danger anymore, we can't let that assumption spread, we must give people hope while warning our freedoms and democracy is being dismantled by a thousand cuts. Climate change efforts will be thrown out if GOP/MAGA win, there's already a fossil fuel pac putting forth an anti-climate agenda for 2025 hoping dems lose . The only way to stop it is to Vote Vote Vote Vote and expand the party !!

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One more question, at the end of 2020 after Trump lost he asked his national security director (Ratcliffe), to give him a list of all the spies abroad, why ????? In 2021 the CIA had to acknowledge our spies were being killed around the world in alarming numbers and within a short period of time. This occurred when Trump had the top secret info and after a Russian and Chinese spy were let into Mar a Lago!

In 2021 the Saudi's gave Kushner 2 billion, Mnuchin 1 billion, and they're paying undisclosed amounts to Trump to host their LIV Golf tournaments! I know Trump gave the Saud's nuclear tech and did not require the mandatory non proliferation agreement, and he did so despite the senates bipartisan objections in 2017. How is any of this OK with MAGA when they blast Hunter Biden who was never in the govt. when he worked for Ukraine for a couple years !!

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This is a great question and one I could see a future moderator ask. But I'd change the word "capitalism" to "the economy." Don't want to lose the populists at either end AND "the economy" is what's always in the news and politics. But let's definitely get it out there!

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