"Some early thoughts on the various 3rd party/rouge candidate efforts." "Rouge" or "Rogue"? :) Rouge kinda works. also, Simon, I would have loved to share the Admiral Kirby video with my crowd on Linkedin, but it's not clippable. Is there a way for you to post videos so we can share 'em? Also, you might want to up your LinkedIn game. your profile still has you at NDN/NPI.

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Simon, thank you for Aaron’s pod. I am literally savoring Hopium with homemade chocolate chip cookies, a glass of cold raw milk, no kids at home, and a cat on my lap! This is the kind of ecosystem and messages the US and the world needs more of! Enjoy family, it is great! Hug from NC.

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Thanks for your work. I grew up in Ireland and I live in Canada. Starting in 2016 a series of family and personal illness gave me time to read and study extensively. I now subscribe to numerous newsletters from ecologically focused independent media outlets. Last June I discovered the work of Heather Cox Richardson and I have learned a great deal from Heather. This is how I your work. I do need to read and listen more. For almost two weeks I have the pleasure of returning to Ireland. Staying with close friends for a week I watched the nightly news with them. Now I am staying in an Air BNB. I have been searching for weather news and information about tourist attractions. Sky news keeps popping up and I see that the Australians and others are pummelling President Joseph Biden and pushing that he is senile. I am curious to know how you suggest I respond if at all. I am curious as to who the Brits are that push this and the links to ? Rupert Murdoch . In Canada also my very anti American Pakistani friends also share these clips. Personally I am a huge fan of President Joseph Biden. I am unsure what to make of these clips and also why and by whom these clips are being pushed so much in the english -speaking world ? Also what you feel is the best response to these very ugly attacks.


I am not sharing this clip because I agree with these to me very disrespectful and irritating commentators. I am just wondering how best to respond ? Kind Regards, Frances Scully

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Again I wish to find ways of supporting

your hopeful approach and I wonder how

to respond to Sky media’s constant attacks on President Biden. It seems that some with very deep pockets continue a

very insidious and nasty attack on President Biden. I am wondering what the best approach is. Does anyone have any data/ ideas? I find these constant attacks very upsetting.

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