Our Monthly Gathering With Special Guest Tom Suozzi, Now Congressman Elect!!!! (Video)

Fresh From His Big Win, Tom Came By To Say Thank You To The Hopium Community

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Happy Friday all, a few things for you today:

My Current Take on Where Things Are With Special Guest Tom Suozzi - So last night we got together for our monthly live discussion and I kicked if off with some thoughts on where things are - we keep winning, they keep struggling, and now MAGA appears to be melting down. You can watch or listen to my presentation above.

In the middle of my presentation you will see we were joined by a special guest - Congressman-Elect Tom Suozzi! Tom came by to thank the Hopium community for all that we did for him. It was a great moment, and I want to echo what he said - thank you. Thank you for the money you donated, the postcards you sent, the text and calls you made, the doors you knocked on and the way so many of you promoted the importance of Tom taking back this seat through your networks and organizations. It was a big win, and I am really proud of the role our community played in this dramatic 8 point victory.

So watch, enjoy, celebrate and rest up - lots of work ahead of us in the coming months. If you need a bit more over this long weekend (Hopium is off until Tuesday), lots of recent material to chew on below. In here you can find two things that just dropped - a terrific new podcast with David Rothkopf for Deep State Radio, and a new print interview with me for Aaron Rupar’s Substack, Public Notice.

And remember:

Joe Biden is a good President. The country is better off. The Democratic Party is strong and winning elections all across the country. And they have Trump - the most unfit person to run for President in all of our history.

Let’s Do More, Worry Less - I will be making formal recommendations for our next round of candidates to support soon, but in the mean time I continue to encourage folks to formally join the Biden campaign by donating today and considering donating to the North Carolina Democratic Party and Anderson Clayton. You can learn more and donate here.

Thank You - It’s going to be a short one today friends. Hopium is powering down for the long weekend, and will be back at it on Tuesday. Got plenty of stuff up there for you to dive into if you need a bit more Hopium this weekend and do watch the video and listen to Tom thank all of you. So proud to be in this fight with all of you.

Keep working hard all, and have a great weekend. We have much to celebrate and savor - Simon

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