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Hopium Year 2 - Modest Hopium Price Increase on May 1st – Subscribe Today, Save Money, Help Fund Hopium’s Growth and New Content – As our site has grown a great deal in recent months, and the election is upon us, I have to bring a bit money than we’re currently bringing in to manage our growth and produce more high quality content for you.  So, starting on May 1st, an annual Hopium paid subscription will increase from $45 to $50.  It’s my hope that this incentivizes some of our general subscribers to become paid subscribers for the rest of this critical election year, and help bring in the resources necessary to meet our goals. 

My goal is to bring in 1,000-1,500 new paid subscribers at the current rate $45 rate by the end of the month. In our first two days of this campaign we’ve gained 400 new paid subscribers - thank you all! We are off to a good start.

A reminder that when you subscribe Substack grandfathers in your original subscription rate for all time.  So if you subscribe at $45 today, the current annual rate, you will only pay $45 next year no matter what the price is then.  So there is a significant advantage to subscribing now. It locks in the current $45 annual rate for as long as Hopium is doing it’s thing.

Additionally, as we are now a little more than a year old, some of our earliest paid subscribers have begun to go through the renewal process.  Renewals are automatic at Substack.  Your card on file just gets charged.  If you have changed credit cards and need to update your account, or just want to check on your subscription status, click here and scroll down to “subscriptions.” It will tell you whether you are current and provide other information.

One of the other benefits of being a paid subscriber is our daily chat. It is realistically the only place I can engage all of you given how much we’ve grown. I can no longer answer individual emails to me, and please don’t send them. I love the chat for when people pose questions and I answer thousands of others can see them, and we also get to discuss the issues of the day - respectfully, thoughtfully, without dumping anger or frustration - together. It’s also been a great place for people to share ideas and learn from one another on how to be more effective at fighting for our beliefs and values.

The resources paid subscribers provide also allow almost of the content here on the site to remain free and widely available to the Democratic family. In this critical election year where so much is on the line I think that’s really important, and I’ve worked really hard to keep this site and its content easily accessible to all. Paid subscribers make that possible.

Finally, I was talking to Hopium member Lindsay Billingsley the other day and she asked about gift and group memberships.  I realized that I have never really promoted these features here at Hopium.  So, one way you can bring more folks into our community and generate a bit more revenue is by buying discounted group memberships or purchasing gift subscriptions for others.  You can learn more about both by clicking here and reviewing the group and gift links at the top of the page.  

I will be offering some thoughts about year 2 of Hopium Chronicles in the coming days. But just a big hearty thank you for being part of the early days of this plucky and proud community of patriots and information warriors. I am having a lot of fun working along side all of you, and I think we are making a real difference, every day.

Simon Rosenberg, April 15th, 2024