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Biden Gains 3 And Takes Lead in Fox Poll, New With Dems Presentation (Video), Making June Count!!!!

I Am In Madison, WI Today for the Wisconsin Democratic Party - Join Us!

Happy Thursday all. Got a few things for you today:

I’m Campaigning With Ben Wikler and The Wisconsin Dems Today in Madison - Join Us! - For those in Wisconsin please come join Ben and me this afternoon at a fundraiser for the Wisconsin Democratic Party. You can learn more and donate here. Excited to see members of the Hopium community today in this critical battleground state!

A New “With Democrats, Things Get Better” - Yesterday I presented a new, updated “With Democrats, Things Get Better” to the Hopium community. I flowed in a lot of new material and data in this one, and the discussion afterwards was spirited and interesting. You can find a recording of it above.

Simply, I hope everyone here in the Hopium community watches this new With Dems in the coming weeks. It makes a big argument about the greatness, and goodness, of the Democratic Party, an argument that we need to be prosecuting aggressively in the months ahead. It also has a new expanded section on the success of the Biden Presidency, something that we also need to be prosecuting aggressively in the months ahead.

To get you all fired up to watch this new With Dems I share the presentation’s money graph that tells us so much about America in the years after the Cold War ended and a new age of globalization began:

Yes, since 1989, there have been 51 millions jobs created in America. 49 million of those, 96%, have been created under Democratic Presidents. Basically all of them. Enjoy With Dems all.

Biden Gains 3 In New Fox Poll, Takes Lead - Last night Fox dropped a bombshell poll that found Biden gaining 3 points in the past month, 7 points since March and taking the lead in the Presidential race, 50%-48%. Here’s the opening of their article:

President Joe Biden is the frontrunner in a hypothetical matchup against [Trump] for the first time since October, as positive views of the economy inch up - hitting their highest level in the Biden presidency.

The article includes these two graphs:

Yes, heads are exploding all over MAGA land today. As I’ve been writing over the past few weeks, there are now many serious, credible polls showing recent movement to Biden. Like the Fox poll many also now have Biden now leading:

  • Fox News - 3 pt Biden gain, 50%-48% (7 pts since March)

  • Echelon - 4 pt Biden gain, 48%-47% (prominent GOP pollster)

  • CBS/YouGov - 3 pt Biden gain, 49%-50%

  • Morning Consult - 2 pt Biden gain, 44%-43%

  • Yahoo/YouGov - 2 pt Biden gain, 46%-44%

  • NYT - 2 pt Biden gain, 46%-47%

Another Murdoch outlet, the NYPost, released a poll last night also showing Biden up 2, 41%-39%. Redfield & Wilton’s monthly track also has Biden gaining 3 points since early May and now leading 41%-40%. A new Navigator poll has Biden up 4, 48%-44%. All of this new data is very encouraging. While we don’t have good new polling in the battlegrounds, we should expect to see better numbers for us there in the weeks ahead too.

On Tuesday I wrote about a new Politico/Ipsos poll showing the 34 felony convictions could loosen a meaningful number of independents and Republicans from Trump, and weaken his candidacy. None of this should be surprising. We’ve seen many polls this year suggesting Trump, a candidate who lost the last election leading a party that’s been losing elections across the country since Dobbs, could be wounded by a guilty conviction. And now it appears to be happening. Which is why the new Biden battleground state ad which goes there on the rapist, fraudster, traitor, felon narrative is very smart politics:

Friends, the 2024 election is close and competitive today, but we appear to have a bit of momentum now. The premise of the Making June Count campaign was that the combination of the guilty verdict and the debate next week would cause tens of millions of voters to begin to check in this month, and that we needed to help our candidates be loud and talk to them. That this was the moment to establish “the choice” that has been so critical to our success in recent elections. My relentless optimism these past few months has been rooted in the belief that when we brought “the choice” - pragmatic Dems fighting for our values and interests abroad, making things better here at home vs the ugliest political thing we’ve ever seen - to voters that we would gain and Biden would open up a modest lead. All this data suggests this is happening now.

While we have a long way to go in this election, and a lot of work to do, this new data is encouraging and here at Hopium we take the wins when they come; and having Fox News and the NY Post tell Trump he now trails in the election is a huge, wonderful win indeed.

Let’s Make June Count Everyone!!!!! - These new polls suggest June is turning out as we hoped, and we need to keep making June count everyone!

Learn more about the “Check and Checkmate” strategy driving our June campaign and recommendations. Watch our new interviews with Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb, Janelle Bynum (OR-5), George Whitesides (CA-27) and Kirsten Engel (AZ-06). Donate and volunteer below. Together, over the past month we’ve raised more than $500,000 for our candidates/state parties and have already blown past our original Winning The House goal of $300,000. Thank you all - it’s amazing stuff!!!!

Here’s where we are today, and here’s how you can help:

Thank you all! Our community of proud patriots and information warriors just keeps bringing it day after day after day. So inspired by your passion, grit, determination and willingness to leave it all out there on the playing field for this great country. As we discuss in the new With Dems presentation, when democracy calls Democrats answer, and that is what all of you are doing now - answering democracy’s call, powerfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10% Off Annual Hopium Membership in June - As a token of my gratitude for all that you are doing, I’m now offering a 10% discount on annual paid subscriptions for new subscribers through the end of the month. Click on this link to subscribe today. On that link you can also purchase gift or group subscriptions for others you’d like bring into the Hopium community. If you signed up as a paid subscriber in the first half of last year and want to make sure your paid subscription is current and up to date check be sure to visit here.

My stretch goal is to get to 10,000 paid subscribers by June 30th - we are over 9,485 today - which will put Hopium in a financial place to close this election strong. Thanks to all of you who have stepped up and become a paid subscriber in recent days - you are making June count!

Keep working hard all. June is turning out to be a good month for us, and we need to stay on offense and go win this thing, together - Simon

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