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Making June Count - My Latest Take On The 2024 Election (Video). Fighting The Republican War on Women

Hopium hits the road in June w/trips to Seattle, Madison (WI) and Tyson's Corner, VA

My Latest Video On The 2024 Election - Last night Hopium Chronicles paid subscribers got together for our monthly meeting. It was a lively crew, as is usually the case with our plucky community of proud patriots and info warriors. A video recording of our event is above. In the first 20 minutes, I did an overview of the current national political landscape and made 2 key points:

  • While the election is close today I think it is far more likely we win this November

  • Tens of millions of people are going to be checking into the election this month, and we and our candidates must be talking to them, explaining the clear and vital choice they have. We need to make June count as we say here, and together get very loud this month.

I then opened it for Q and A and closed with some reflections on why this Election matters so much and the historic role the Democratic Party has played in creating an age of unprecedented opportunity for Americans and the people of the world.

Do watch and share with others you think might be interested. It’s a comprehensive take on our current political moment. During my talk, I reference data and materials from these recent Hopium posts:

Early voting in the 2024 election starts on September 20th, a little more than 3 months from now. Despite the noise and the Trumpian bluster, I believe we are favored to win this fall and am proud to be in this fight with all of you.

The Republican War On Women Is Real, And Putting Millions Of Women At Risk - There are these moments when MAGA’s succession from the modern world and Western-style liberal democracy becomes clear and manifest, not abstract. Watch this CBS News report of one family’s struggle to get basic health care in Texas after the mother miscarried. I watched it twice because it is just so hard to believe that in this country we are now at a point where doctors and hospitals have resigned themselves to letting women die:

Democrats are leaning hard into defending reproductive freedom this election cycle and are attacking Rs for their war on women. Here’s a new ad from Josh Stein in North Carolina diving into the extremism and misogyny of his Republican opponent, Mark Robinson:

And here’s a new ad from one of our 12 House candidates, Andrei Cherny, where he recounts that as a CEO he made sure that any of his employees who had to travel for reproductive care would have their travel expenses covered by the company:

Let’s make June count, my friends. Tens of millions of women are counting on us to restore fundamental rights and freedoms - and access to life-saving health care - common throughout the modern world they’ve lost here in America. This month, this election we are fighting for them, every day.

Making June Count - The Hopium community is bringing it and making June count! Together we’ve raised over $380,000 for our candidates and states in the last 2 weeks! Incredible stuff, thank you all. Here’s a fundraising update with progress toward our June 30th goals:

  • Biden Harris - goal of $400,000 - at $337,000 today - donate now

  • Winning The House - goal of $300,000 - at $245,00 today - donate now

  • Arizona/Ruben Gallego - goal of $300,000 - at $178,000 today - donate now

  • North Carolina - goal $300,000 - at $229,000 today - donate now

  • Nebraska/Blue Dot - goal of $100,000 - at $29,000 today - donate now

You can use this link to learn more about our battleground candidates and states, and this one will help you get to know our 12 courageous House candidates. All links include information on how to volunteer. This is a huge month and we just need to leave it all out there on the playing field - thank you, everyone!

As a token of my gratitude for all that you are doing, I am now offering a 10% discount on annual paid subscriptions for new subscribers through the end of the month. Click on this link to subscribe today. I hope we will get to 10,000 paid subscribers by June 30th - we are over 8,960 today - which will put Hopium in a financial place to close this election strong.

June Events, Hopium Hits The Road - I’ve added some new events to the schedule - check ‘em out! Note there is an “Upcoming Events” tab on the Hopium website’s navigation bar where you can always find our latest schedule.

I am starting to accept Zoom-based speaking invitations for July and August. Please use the paid subscriber chat to make speaking requests as my assistant, Lincoln Cooper, has moved to Phoenix and is working with the Arizona Democratic Party for the election (yes, this is where he should be!). I am prioritizing speaking opportunities where Hopium is focusing our energies and in the broader battleground. I can only consider events that can guarantee 150 people or more.

Wed, June 5, 1pm ET - Monthly Hopium Founding Members Get Together

Tue, June 11, 230pm PT - I’ll be in Seattle, Washington for a conversation with Luis Miranda and Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard to celebrate Luis’ new book RELENTLESS: My Story of the Latino Spirit That Is Transforming America. The event will take place at El Centro de la Raza’s Centilia Cultural Center, 1660 S Plaza Roberto Maestas Festival Street in Seattle. It’s free and open to the public and after the event concludes there will be a small gathering for Hopium Chronicles subscribers. Learn more, register here.

Thur, June 20, 5pm CT - I’ll be in Madison, Wisconsin for an in-person at a Wisconsin Democratic Party Fundraising event with the great WI Dem Chair Ben Wikler. Please register and donate here. Excited to be heading back into the 2024 battleground!

Tues, June 25, 730pm ET - The monthly Zoom gathering of the entire Hopium Chronicles community. Register here.

Thur, June 27 - 1st Presidential Debate on CNN

Sat, June 29 - I’ll be speaking in person at Network NOVA’s 8th Annual Women’s Summit in Tyson’s Corner, VA - More info, register here. One of my favorite events of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun, June 30 - Last day to Make June Count!

Keep working hard all, and together, let’s make June count!!!!! - Simon

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