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2023 Was A Very Good Year For Democrats. Let's Make 2024 Even Better - My Year-End Briefing For The Hopium Community

As we head into 2024, in every way possible, I would much rather be us than them


Here is my year-end briefing, “2023 Was A Very Good Year For Democrats. Let’s Make 2024 Even Better.” Enjoy all, and thanks to everyone who came by tonight. It was a great group! And note the comments are open for all Hopium members. Excited to hear from all of you…….

Background For My Talk

Our 2024 Campaigns So Far - Please Volunteer, Donate, Promote!

Keep working hard all, and thanks for all that you’ve done to make 2023 such a great year for Democrats. But rest up over the holidays - we have a lot of work to do together next year - Simon

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